PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Easy Guitar Lesson + TAB By Guitarnick

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Easy Guitar Lesson + TAB By Guitarnick

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Easy Guitar Lesson + TAB By Guitarnick
Learn how to play on the guitar Pirates Of The Caribbean. Guitar lesson with tab, sheet music and backing track.
You find lots of free accurate guitar tabs on

26 responses to “PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: Easy Guitar Lesson + TAB By Guitarnick”

  1. Jumson tali says:

    this is useless for beginner

  2. Jumson tali says:

    over smart

  3. Spandan Sarkar says:

    your video is upside down how we are supposed to do it easily ??

  4. Thai Binh Ta Ngoc says:

    Great playing!

  5. Martin Stadtherr says:

    too fast…

  6. Dr.zuber Noorani says:

    awesome and thankyou!

  7. Тимофей Кривенко says:

    so easy xD

  8. lestat34208 says:

    a lesson is step by step, this is not step by step by any means…

  9. guitariuz says:

    so what about the effects used? can we get some info on that

  10. NAVEEN KUMAR B says:

    what effect r u using to get tthis tone ?

    this is awsome

  11. Gerekli says:

    super hard

  12. Modinul Islam Khan says:

    a little slower and elaborately described technique will be more efficient

  13. FiNoX YT says:

    I hear a roll but i cant see that u are doing a roll??

  14. N1C0L3 BRΛILLE says:

    I really need a tutor on how to play guitar 0-0..this seems awesome..although i dunno how to play a guitar =-= ugh too sad for me T^T

  15. something says:

    oh that was useless 🙁 i didnt understand a thing

  16. Dani Andre says:

    @TheGuitarNick scusami ma non riesco a fare il pezzo del minuto 1:58 ho guardato le tab ma a quel punto cambia tutto e non riesco a seguire come faccio

  17. Shyam sundar Kalyanaraman says:

    Good one but we can’t guess notes

  18. Carlo Angelo Vitamog says:

    how should I learn from this:(

  19. Wed Yousef says:

    Is this on standard tuning

  20. Cestech Gaming says:

    that was not a tutorial. you just played it slowly…

  21. basi luwi says:

    Its was so usful to keep the guitar upside down. Its like i am seeing my guitar directly.. thanks man great idea to show us the taps.🌹

  22. Alan Richard says:

    Any chords instead of tabs ?

  23. Mahir Ulaş Pektaş says:

    I have a question though… Is it possible to get this tone with VOX VX I amplifier? If so what is the setup for it? ( I am using a squire stratocaster )

  24. Rob III says:

    If im lucky, i can make it to the 18th second of the video on my guitar. :3

  25. Chandra Ihsan says:

    thank you very much, i can play it now, i’m practice this song only two days.

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