Summer Of 69 Guitar Lesson

Summer Of 69 Guitar Lesson

Summer Of 69 Guitar Lesson
Copyright music and lyrics reproduced by kind permission of Adams Communications – for original, exclusive performances by Bryan Adams, check-out the official channel at

Learn Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams as taught by Teague Purtell. For a complete online guitar method put together by Teague visit:

24 responses to “Summer Of 69 Guitar Lesson”

  1. PatricksNonsense says:

    Lol… More “scat” please!

  2. Emilio Falcone says:

    Thank you for helping me to learn this song ,I had trouble with this song,but now I got it

  3. Mayuri Srivastava says:

    thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks. thank you so so much

  4. Bobby Gurung says:

    sooo……. good.

  5. Leia Skywalker says:

    thank you so much!!

  6. Kunal Dhavale says:

    I wish all tutorial were like this!

  7. Khipra Saurav says:

    this is really awesome

  8. Khipra Saurav says:

    this is really awesome

  9. Khipra Saurav says:

    this is really awesome.

  10. Khipra Saurav says:

    this is really awesome.

  11. MANALI Stuff says:

    plz show chords in 2d i cant understand

  12. Ketan Waghmare says:

    Sir you are amazing guitarist, a great teacher and awesomely funny in the truest sense. Love and Respect. Cheers.

  13. Durgesh Baviskar says:


  14. Masterpeace niteteus nite MREJ says:


  15. urgulp says:

    Very well explained, brill teacher, thanks woo yehhhh!!!!!!

  16. Dan Kirat says:

    This is really great tutorial but I don’t understand in the part where he does down, down, up,up,downCan anyone explain

  17. Pratik Deb says:

    so appropriate……..

  18. Samant Rao says:

    awesome video. perfectly explained and fast explained. No bragging. All I have to do is, replay the video few times and voila.
    right now I am stuck in B chord. 🙂
    I hope i will pick it up soon.

  19. Kramer Daff says:

    so cool #!!! 🙂

  20. Cherry Belding says:

    You make more sense than professionals trying to explain this! Thank you:)

  21. jim43597 says:

    hello there ..!! Awesome tutorial..! 👍
    Can you make an tutorial for Bryan Adams “THE BEST OF ME”
    thank you.😊

  22. Benjamin Ralte says:


  23. lada g says:

    that is cool

  24. Des Parrot says:

    Excellent! Straight to the point! Thanks for the tips on b flat etc. Best wishes John

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