Guitar Tuning Notes – 1 Step Down

Guitar Tuning Notes – 1 Step Down

Guitar Tuning Notes – 1 Step Down
Tuning reference notes for guitar in standard D tuning, all strings one step down.


Each note is played twice, with plenty of time to tune up each string. If you can tune quickly, then you can just skip forward!!

Please check back for other tunings!

Have fun!

14 responses to “Guitar Tuning Notes – 1 Step Down”

  1. Pop Dahood says:

    Death’s song

  2. 9LC says:

    My stupid guitar won’t stay tuned in drop D when I do it.

  3. lolcatfrisky says:

    Tanks so much!! now I can play some Too Fast For love

  4. lief iek says:

    Come as you are 😉

  5. Nicholas Brewer says:

    this is wrong. you got the letters right bro but these notes are off a hair.

  6. Noah Lundqvist says:

    ready for let it go thx

  7. Zikki Toulouras says:

    Ready to play motley crue

  8. sara3151 sara3151 says:

    yep! thank you

  9. Jernej Horvat says:

    Great song!

  10. sSoul_17 says:

    Here I come Lithium….here I come

  11. Eddie The Head says:

    I’ll need this for a lot of stuff like the majority of the Crüe’s songs lol

  12. Ultimate Farming says:

    Just put a capo on fret 2 for normal tuning

  13. hazardous gaming says:


  14. ChanceOfOne344 says:

    So 1 fret is half step?

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