Guitar Tuning – Open E

Guitar Tuning – Open E

Guitar Tuning – Open E
Open E guitar tuning

– Keith Richards
– Joe Walsh
– Bee Gees
– Black Crowes’

Plus many others Use this tuning in some songz.

Thanks 4 watching
Rock On Guyz!
Have a Great Day 🙂

– Brennan M

15 responses to “Guitar Tuning – Open E”

  1. gahan101 says:

    Simple video. No blabla and stuff. Thanks

  2. GuitarTuningz69 says:

    Thanks 4 watchin!
    This tuning is real fun to play in.

  3. gahan101 says:

    Yeah,Keith Richards and his book brought me here,so i’ll give it a try and see how it works.

  4. edukder says:

    Thank you!

  5. Henry Woods says:

    thank u so much

  6. Henry Woods says:

    black crowes use this alot

  7. Gus classic rock channel says:

    That’s the way to do it! Real nice tuning video, thank you!
    PS: Even though the point is to do it by ourselves, sometimes we forget and we look for a place like this with no talking heads, etc. Thumbs up!
    Gus ☼

  8. JDUBBERS says:

    I have always played in drop and standard tunings never open, this will be fun to learn!

  9. Clayton Willoughby says:

    Yeh, Keith used it on No Expectations, prodigal Son and Ya Gotta Move to name a few.

  10. EmperorOfGaming says:

    Could this be magic? By van halen uses this with everything lowered a half step

  11. SMS CUSTOMS says:

    You can Play every Bee Gees Song in Open E !

  12. Justin Law says:

    Joe Walsh liked to use the open e tuning as well.

  13. IrishBard says:

    Floor filler.

  14. Harrison Crutcher says:

    Wow you have to tune up some strings? GEEZE thats a scary tuning to try to get to.

  15. Golden Thing? says:

    I prefer E,B,E,E,B,E

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