How To Tune A Guitar : Open G Tuning For Guitar

How To Tune A Guitar : Open G Tuning For Guitar

How To Tune A Guitar : Open G Tuning For Guitar
Step by step instructions on how to tune a guitar to open G tuning with expert guitar tuning tips in this free music lesson video clip.

Expert: Mike Lais
Bio: Mike Lais is an accomplished young musician that has a deep passion for music and loves to share is passion with others.
Filmmaker: Doug Craig

15 responses to “How To Tune A Guitar : Open G Tuning For Guitar”

  1. banglaroad100 says:

    your mic is too loud and we can’t hear the strings ring out………ever check you vid ?

  2. Jimborocknroll90 says:

    cause some people are more experienced than others

  3. Olaf Erdmann says:

    actually is because I didn’t know shit about guitars, now that I know I can tune it properly (sorry for my english man) Check out my channel, I have some guitar covers!

  4. kyle baines says:

    i keep snapping my strings when I try this for my smaller guitar.. what am I doing wrong?

  5. Oallright says:

    How are you putting your strings on?

  6. Eimear says:

    “we are going to have the sixth string be a d which is now an e”
    so.. is it a D or an E ?
    so fucking confusing…

  7. Akjepsen says:

    For the correct tuning, it should be a D

  8. Chad Thomas says:

    I love open G tuning as well. I like the open characteristics of the tuning. I’m currently learning Kī hō alu kika or know as Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar. Thanks Mike for the vid. I agree with you Mike that open G can be very resourceful and open a lot of doors for those who want to adventure out in the guitar world. Keep making videos and again thanks so much it really helped me I finally got down. Peace.

  9. Robert Taylor says:

    Great instruction. Thanks Mike

  10. atomicfriendo says:

    At 1:45 I fell asleep

  11. Ann Bekooy says:

    Easy to follow excellent instructions. I love the open G tuning. Thanks Mike, you are a great teacher.

  12. naztubez says:

    D, G, D, G, B, D

  13. Dale Dunning says:

    just snapped my strings

  14. piss offed says:

    DONT TALK ABOUT WHO DOES WHat show us the fucking tuning thats it. Keep your opinion to youf self and show us the tuning thats all. Its simple you dont need to try and convense us how much you know show us the tuning and shut the fuck up!

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