The CLASSIC Blues Riff For Beginners !

The CLASSIC Blues Riff For Beginners !

The CLASSIC Blues Riff For Beginners !
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Hi Everyone, if you’ve subscribed, THANKS! I’m going to be posting a lot more videos based on your requests and great emails. THIS VIDEO HAS A BONUS AT THE END ! Read on…
This lesson will get you cookin’ on The Classic Blues Riff. There’s no better name for it! It’s easy to understand, easy to play and instantly recognizable. Add it to your bag of tricks and bring it out next time someone hands you a guitar.
But later in the video is a Lead Guitar Mini-Lesson that complements The Classic Blues Riff. You’re going to want to master it, too. The skills you’ll learn here will get you jamming with another guitar player quickly and easily. Just watch and learn ( and practice!!)

8 responses to “The CLASSIC Blues Riff For Beginners !”

  1. David Dalu says:

    Thanks for a great lesson!

  2. MARIE RIDDICK says:

    i am new to playing, this was very helpful. Just what I needed. Great video

  3. Wout Tengrootenhuysen says:

    Wow, thank you ! 🙂 🙂

  4. Chuck C says:

    this guy is a great teacher

  5. Roberto Alverez says:

    you’re awesome Johnathan

  6. Coach Chris says:


  7. Randy Anderson says:

    totally enjoyed this lesson. very well explained and a lot of fun. Excellent teacher

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