Top 10 Fun, ‘easy’ Guitar Songs You Should Know! With TABS

Top 10 Fun, ‘easy’ Guitar Songs You Should Know! With TABS

Top 10 Fun, ‘easy’ Guitar Songs You Should Know! With TABS
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Ten fun songs to play on the guitar, with tabs! Have fun playing these songs, and make sure to try ’em all ;-)!

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13 responses to “Top 10 Fun, ‘easy’ Guitar Songs You Should Know! With TABS”

  1. Paul Davids says:

    Don’t feel bad if you think some of these song are still pretty hard! The label ‘easy’ covers a wide range of difficulties because it’s a very subjective word! It al depends on for how long, and how intensely you’ve been playing. This a list for beginner, and some maybe even intermediate, level. If you play guitar for the first time, you can try Rumble and Intro, those are really easy. The other songs will hopefully help you to get the next level of playing as soon as possible!
    Never feel bad about what you can not play, feel good about what you can.

  2. Andrew M says:

    For Time of Your Life I learned the picking pattern (the one I learned is slightly different) but if I’m also singing then I’ll just put the whole song into strumming. Picking different strings and singing at the same time can be very difficult for me.

  3. Fred Fuchs says:

    10:05 meme reference

  4. Dave Carpenter says:

    Link Wray invented grunge, or so Neil Young said.

  5. Jacob Judy says:

    Neon John Mayer were the light is should be on this list lol.

  6. Louis LeBrun says:

    I have SOOOO much to learn.

  7. TrickyDicky89 says:

    Please bring out the app on iOS? It looks amazing!

  8. Inspire The Colour says:

    Me: likes the video


  9. A.J. says:

    I must ask, are you german? And great stuff, I also enjoy your voice a lot.

  10. John Smith says:

    What guitar?

  11. John Smith says:

    My god you came up with all my favorite songs. Now if I could actually play them I would be in good shape

  12. Skydan Vevo says:

    Are u dutch

  13. Jennipher Chikomo says:

    Please make an iOS version soon

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