‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ – James Arthur EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords

‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ – James Arthur EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords

‘Say You Won’t Let Go’ – James Arthur EASY Guitar Tutorial/Chords



02:11 how to play chords
04:44 strum pattern 1
06:15 strum pattern 2
07:50 strum pattern 3
10:40 strum pattern 3*
12:32 picking pattern
27:15 chord progressions



standard tuning, capo on 3rd

chords needed: G, Gsus2/F#, Em7, C
optional chords: Dsus4

strum pattern 1: one d for each chord change
strum pattern 2: d d du
strum pattern 3: d uud uud du
strum pattern 3*: same as above, but add palm mute

picking pattern:

G: 6 (32) * (3^2) 6 3 6
Gsus2/F#: 6 (32) * (3^2) 6 3
Em7: 6 (32) * (3^2) 6 3(flick)
C: 5 (32) * (32) 5 2(flick)

chord progressions:

– picking pattern

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C

– picking pattern

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C (x2)

– picking pattern

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C (x2)

– picking pattern

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C (x3)

– strum pattern 3 (no palm mute)

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C (x2)

– strum pattern 3* (w/palm mute)

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C (x2)

– strum pattern 3 (no palm mute)

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C (x3)

– strum pattern 1

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C

– strum pattern 3* (w/palm mute)

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C

– strum pattern 3 (no palm mute)

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C (x2)

– picking pattern

– strum pattern 3* (w/palm mute)

G Gsus2/F# Em7 C
end on G (strum once)


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