How To Read Notes On Guitar For Beginners

How To Read Notes On Guitar For Beginners

How To Read Notes On Guitar For Beginners
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This is Gene Petty helping you understand how to read guitar notes.
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Here we have the musical staff. The first thing placed on the staff is called a Treble clef. The clef tells you how each of the 5 lines and spaces function.

Then there are the lines below the staff. They are called the tabs. They are written especially for reading guitar notes as each line represents specifically each string on the guitar.

If you want to learn how to read guitar notes, you also need to learn that besides the notes, there are rests. The rests shown here are called whole rests.
In this case the rests are 4 beats long. How do I know that?

Well, I know that they are captured within these vertical lines called bar lines.
And two bar lines form a measure. There is an invisible bar line at the beginning.

Measures contain a certain amount of beats, which brings us to the most important element of this discussion. These two 4’s over here.
They are called a time signature.

The time signature has a top and bottom number.

The top number represents how many beats in a measure.
The bottom number tells you what kind of note gets one beat.

There are different kinds of notes of different values.

Any one of these notes can get one beat.

When you see a 4 on the bottom, it means that the “quarter note” gets one beat.

In order to read guitar notes, you need to learn about notes in general.
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It covers 3 basic areas of note learning specifically oriented to reading notes for guitar.
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Thanks for watching.

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