Guitar Lesson: Learn THE 4 Chords

Guitar Lesson: Learn THE 4 Chords

Guitar Lesson: Learn THE 4 Chords
Impress your friends and woo the ladies! Learn how to pretend to play the guitar by learning the only four chords that really matter!

Check out my supplimentary videos for examples of songs that use the same chords in the same order:

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40 responses to “Guitar Lesson: Learn THE 4 Chords”

  1. Frances Stevens says:

    my fingers are too short to make the g

  2. Pewds Diepie says:

    thx alot ­čÖé

  3. Juliana Leo says:

    Hey Re…Tard
    It’s okay if you just offer a first name… makes it a bit more up close and personal┬á LOL

  4. MARK ENGLISH says:

    thank you buddy

  5. Laurenz H├╝bner says:

    Thank you bro

  6. Kai Caldwell says:

    “This is a gutair.” No THIS IS SPARTA

  7. maureen biologist says:

    The “fake” finger… the ring finger? ahaha i love this video. (:

  8. Valiksy says:

    [hello internet]

  9. Ronil Balami says:

    Thank You

  10. Makala Ingram says:

    I have the same guitar!

  11. nela nela says:

    dont forget to be realistic – you must put in a bit of work whichever method you follow for becoming a guitarist
    I’ve been studying playing guitar and discovered a fantastic resource at Guitar Guru Method (google it if you are interested)

  12. Matt Lizard says:

    I love you video

  13. Matt Lizard says:

    You are awesome

  14. Matt Lizard says:

    You are amazing

  15. Matt Lizard says:

    I love you you tube name

  16. Astirlingturk says:

    I hate the fucking D chord it sounds like fucking dying cat when I play it

  17. Golden king says:

    1st of all REALLY THAT A GUITAR?!?!?, and 2nd of all Its called a damn ring finger not the fake middle finger? Ahahahha im done

  18. Junieth C. says:

    ?? So useful

  19. Sl3nd3rduck says:

    I like this guy

  20. Jaz Mean says:

    thank you, I love you. kisses and hugs

  21. illexploits says:

    What does he mean by this isn’t playing real guitar, not much to it besides different fingering or like other chords

  22. RobertElBMX says:

    people who don’t give a shit: the chords are G D Em C

  23. Terry Holliday says:

    It’s a Finger, Wow

  24. Bellamy Bukaï says:

    you’re a genius bro thank u !

  25. forever infinity says:

    I used to think that I didn’t know how to play guitar but this made me feel like I was back in preschool

  26. tyson tongia says:

    3:12 “second chord is called D”
    As he strums the guitar, all you hear is DEEZ NUTS!

  27. Dj Pipo says:

    “But anyway, you don’t need to know- uh- anything. ..that’s retarded. Hello Internet–” ??

  28. Karina Yuzhakova says:

    I’ve been having a hard time with all those guitar lesson videos, but you, my dude, just made everything so much easier and fun to learn. thanks!

  29. Tyler says:

    “Hello Internet” I THOUGHT OF DAN HOWELL

  30. xXBonBon CiCiXx says:

    I don’t understand my gingers aren’t as long as yours so it can’t reach all the way I can’t do it ?
    I’m so frustrated because I’m self thought but I also need YouTube to show me new things but I can’t find any videos that actually help me.
    Please help!

  31. BigBossBob says:

    damn you know a video is old when he tries to point at his name and its not at that side of the screen anymore holy shit

  32. CrazyLifeHacks says:

    you worth less haters and more subs,first,i thought you had about 1M subs but… I was wrong

  33. Carley Collett says:

    “My name is riptard”

  34. zana lofa says:

    i think i have fall in love

  35. Emily Mohammed says:

    Really easy love it but gotta get new strings first ha

  36. Gangplank Main says:


    also i love how he messes up the intro but does not cut it out that is cute

  37. akshay kumar says:

    riptard more like “retard”

  38. Poonis says:

    RipTard, you are God

  39. Daniel Rees says:

    time to get da gurls

  40. Hannah says:

    is this Mr Fitz?

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