Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – (Fretboard Chord Trick) Play All Guitar Chords In Every Key

Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – (Fretboard Chord Trick) Play All Guitar Chords In Every Key

Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – (Fretboard Chord Trick) Play All Guitar Chords In Every Key
In this guitar lesson, Steve Stine teaches some basic “real world” elements of music theory for guitar players. You can learn how to visualize a “major scale” on your guitar to find all the chords in each key, and know which guitar chords are Major and which are Minor.

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34 responses to “Steve Stine Guitar Lesson – (Fretboard Chord Trick) Play All Guitar Chords In Every Key”

  1. Jim Lovvorn says:

    Often I have been asked to play a song in minor key as a root how does that relate to the scale you have shown for major, also I am left handed, which has complicated learning thru books since I have to re scale all tab and chord shapes, but this is easy since I read sheet music. But for beginners this may be hard. thanks.

  2. The Painter says:

    I had to listen alot

  3. William Marquissee says:

    you are the best teacher i have ever been introduced to in years you are very presice in telling what is going on with tecniuqe thank you

  4. xxiamfreexx says:

    You’re a great teacher! Thank you.

  5. Yagyesh Sharma says:

    I’ll kiss you man ?
    they’ll help me so much
    thanks ?

  6. Jp Martinez says:

    this was the best thing every helped me soo much !!

  7. cracker guitar says:

    omg this is so so so so so so so so so so so awesome!!!1

  8. Jalen Hill says:

    Hell of a teacher.

  9. Chad Lau says:

    this video was very helpfull ! thanks steve.

  10. Robert Lepine says:

    Great info Steve!! You nailed it perfectly,no one could have explained it easier than the way you have. I have probably been playing 90% of what you just taught and didn’t realize it was an actual theoretical application. I’ve been playing for many years on and off and take a stab at theory every now and again and it’s beginning to make more sense everytime. When teachng myself since day one i’ve explored every note and finger combination there is to try to piece the fretboard together and only until recently is it coming together and i’m thrilled. I try different styles and rhythms to keep inspired and more versatile. it can get boring playing the same genre or style over and over,for me personally. gonna check out your other vid on modes, have an idea basically but why not be sure and know it once and for all. You rock Bud Best teacher i’ve seen yet!!Keep it up!! Peace

  11. Anak Agung Gde Mahendra (Shadix) says:

    Beautiful.. Thanks mate..

  12. Brian Ralph says:

    you are the best teacher on the net! thanks

  13. mike kieler andersen says:

    this was the most learn full video iv’e watch’d to date.

  14. Thomas Brady says:

    which scale is he using ? major what ?

  15. paul dales says:

    Just wanna thank you im struggling even after 30 years but you seem to make what i do normally make more sense and gives me more avenues to go down instead of thinking shit what sounds good next.SPOT ON.

  16. Mike Geoghegan says:

    Hi Steve
    I have just watched “Learn to solo in 5 minutes”. . . . Great video, I got it ! (mostly). I just wanted to say thank you. I fear though that it will take me more than 5 mins to get to where you just “do it” ! “Your a swine Sir” because it makes me realise how much I just don’t know.
    Anyway Thank you Sir Great Videos.

    Kind Regards

  17. Yash Wadhwania says:

    There are so many things I learned in this video. I really didn’t knew any of this. Thankyou very much

  18. jonathan bolton says:

    You are an awesome teacher …. beautiful breakdown! Thanks Steve. Looking forward to learning theory with you brother. ?

  19. Ram V says:

    Hey you’re a magician man. very beautifully done. i want to learn all the notes on the fretboard. any magic u can give? Thanks

  20. Ram V says:

    Steve is there a way of practicing scales using the circle of fifths concept?

  21. arjay pedrosa16 says:

    thank you so much i learned a lot. God bless you mr. steve

  22. Pablo says:

    mind…. blown

  23. mussie afeworki says:

    I am sure you are very nice human being. Keep it on.

  24. Joel Jakob says:

    This is a game changing lesson. Thanks Steve.

  25. raghav pratap says:

    this guy is awsome… superb tips.. thank you dude

  26. A Wise Idiot says:

    thanks man youre very eloquent and informative in all of these lessons really appreciate it! This really unraveled theory for me.

  27. Raphael Gomes says:

    Amazing how you make it look (and actually get) really easy! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Robert Woods says:

    This just open my eyes so much better to understanding the major and minor scales. Thanks

  29. Nha Nguyen says:

    Thanks alot !

  30. Zaheed rithdwan Ahmad zamri says:

    how if its in a minor key? any help guys?

  31. Ch3 5t3r D says:

    Brilliant….. You made that so easy to understand. Thank you.

  32. CAP VICIOUS says:

    Grossartig 😉

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