How To Play Fingerstyle Guitar

How To Play Fingerstyle Guitar

How To Play Fingerstyle Guitar
Fingerstyle technique is used in almost every genre and style of music, from timeless classical pieces to today’s top hits. Instead of strumming chords, pluck individual strings to “decorate” the harmony!

In this video, learn the basics of fingerstyle technique in under five minutes! Iren Arutyunyan is one half of Le Chic Guitar Duo and she has taught this technique to many budding guitarists. Iren uses PIMA fingerings throughout the demo (skip to 0:33 for a quick explanation) and then guides you through meters 2-8 with examples of how they fit into popular songs.

(1:22) – Variation from “Gran Jota” composed by Francisco Tarrega

(1:39) – “Study in E Minor Op. 48 No. 5” composed by Mauro Giuliani

(1:57) – Iren wrote this chord pattern

(2:19) – “Butcher Boy” – an arrangement found in Hall Leonard Guitar Method by Will Schmid

At the end, she’ll show you how to bring it all together in the classic Beatles song, Blackbird. If you would like to learn how to play these songs, please visit for the music!

Fingerstyle technique sure does look easy, but it will take time to master! We recommend playing along with the video, taking the time to pause, practice, and repeat the different segments. Most importantly, have fun!


To learn more, check out Cordoba’s “Live. Play. Learn”:

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Video Production & Editing: Jocelyn Chang
Location: Cordoba Guitars HQ in Santa Monica, CA
Audio was recorded with an Apogee One through a Rode NT5 mic.

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Iren Arutyunyan is playing a Cordoba Luthier C9 SP.

Twitter: or @cordobaguitars
Instagram: @cordobaguitars

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