Guitar Tuning Standard EADGBE

Guitar Tuning Standard EADGBE

Guitar Tuning Standard EADGBE
2,000,000 views! Seriously guys, buy a tuner

22 responses to “Guitar Tuning Standard EADGBE”

  1. Fer Pierce says:

    Tuner is for WUSSIES!

  2. Samuel Upham says:

    MIND BLOWN!!!!! :O:O:O XD LMAO. like for no reason? dont mind me im just a carrot passing by. anyone else come here to read the comments? who else came here because of how i met your mother? baha

  3. Romess1 says:

    In holland we memorize EADGBE using: Een Aap Die Geen Bananen Eet. Translates to: A monkey who doesn’t eat banana’s.

  4. Jace Godfrey says:

    honestly i own a tuner now, and i’m aware of how to tune a guitar to itself, but i keep coming back to this video for this weird nostalgia. i let my guitar get out of tune and then when i’m listening to brand new or neutral milk hotel or some other shit that made me wanna start playing the guitar, i go on ultimate guitar and start trying to learn or re-learn some song by nirvana or creedence¬†or some shit, notice my guitar’s outta tune and inevitably end up back at this video. might be my favorite video on youtube, on some asmr type shit. thanks dude. also the rest of the tuning videos on youtube are way too fucking long, and you’ve got a real good powerpoint background thing goin on here

  5. Youfail Mon says:

    LOL nice description jay

  6. Oqsy says:

    I remember when this video was all about Open G. That was taken down and replaced with this but no one else in this timeline remembers that because here it seems EADGBE stayed dominant. When I’m from everyone sounds like the Stones and Keith Richards died at 30 years old.

  7. Coco the MonkeyBoy says:

    “2,000,000 views! Seriously guys, buy a tuner” made my day ūüôā

  8. Ian Clay says:

    E 0:09 A 0:17 D 0:25 G 0:33 B 0:40 E 0:49
    Thank me later.

  9. Ian Clay says:

    Guitar Tab:


  10. Preston Chapa says:

    *High anxiety when tuning high e*

  11. lionofzion1 says:

    dude. hahaha I have a tuner, but tuning by ear os very important, And I use your vídeo for ese training tío haha

  12. DeeMDub says:

    came to here to play to whom the bell tolls studio version an thought your video was making my guitar sound worse, turns out the song is in tune with that bloody bell…

  13. Max Wilder says:

    Why the hell is your video not in the top searches on the app but on the browser it is . All these other little bullshit videos come up but yours I needed to look for . youtube app sucks a hairy nut called chewbacker jnr

  14. Billy Buehring says:

    Press 2= Low E Press 3= A Press 5= D Press 6= G Press 7=B Press 9=E

  15. Bradley Bengtson says:

    ive used this video so many times I cant even recall and I JUST now seen the video info.. lmfao

  16. Abraham Zachariah says:

    my string just broke…?

  17. Luke Swain says:

    debatably the greatest song of all time

  18. Model Jet Juggernaut says:

    my favorite one because it doesn’t take an eternity¬†with each¬†string…¬† 10 seconds per string is perfect..

  19. Victa V says:

    10 years and still using this video mang

  20. PeripheralPurity says:

    The 287 people who disliked this can’t work out how to tune even when the notes are right there in front of them

  21. Sarcastic Nerd says:

    2.5…. million……views?


  22. Ede Rubert says:

    This is the only video that I play at least once a week…

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