How To Tune A Guitar : Open D Tuning For Guitar

How To Tune A Guitar : Open D Tuning For Guitar

How To Tune A Guitar : Open D Tuning For Guitar
Step by step instructions on how to tune a guitar to open D tuning with expert guitar tuning tips in this free music lesson video clip.

Expert: Mike Lais
Bio: Mike Lais is an accomplished young musician that has a deep passion for music and loves to share is passion with others.
Filmmaker: Doug Craig

15 responses to “How To Tune A Guitar : Open D Tuning For Guitar”

  1. mielazul says:

    Open D is an awesome tuning that you can use for blues of course, but so much more. If you can, check “Rosetta West – Susanna Jones,” and “Rosetta West – Morning Star,” for two of my takes on it.

  2. Jesus Christ says:

    you sound like you’re reading from some text behind the camera hahaha

  3. Robocop278 says:

    snapped my string trying to do this.

  4. Laura Rauh says:

    Do you have to play on the frets with a slide?

  5. Tom Moon says:

    Awesome video. Please watch my new video Tom Moon – New View, in open D, Capo 6. Cheers, really appreciate it. x

  6. Tom O'Toole says:

    Mumford and sons, the cave, check it out.

  7. ITSbigwillystyle says:

    NOPE. I don’t think my low E string can handle this.

  8. TheRealisticPoint says:

    All you do is tune is down a half step… lol…

  9. TheChocloHammer says:

    you just made my day

  10. rodriogq says:

    I just love constructive comments like this one HEHEHEHE

  11. Bluesintheearth1 says:

    this is also known as Vestapol tuning.

  12. Shanana Sssb says:

    Thank you so much 🙂 now i can play photograph . well done

  13. Adam Rivard says:

    is this also known as d flat tuning?

  14. shawne m says:


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