How To Make Your Guitar Sound Better

How To Make Your Guitar Sound Better

How To Make Your Guitar Sound Better
Hey guys ! here are 4 EASY TIPS on how to make you guitar sound better fuller and make it easier to play !
In this video tutorial I will show you my tricks on how you can make a cheap guitar sound better and how to get a professional guitar tone with these 4 easy tips !
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►Strings I use :
►Guitar I use:
►Camera I use :
►Capo I use :
►Laptop I use :
►Mic I use :

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Guitarra acústica música
Guitare acoustique musique
Akoestische gitaar muziek
Akustische Gitarrenmusik
Akustisk guitarmusik
ακουστικη κιθαρα μουσικη
Chitarra acustica musica
Violão música
акустической гитаре
어쿠스틱 기타 음악

12 responses to “How To Make Your Guitar Sound Better”

  1. Connie Bauer says:

    I can’t take seriously someone who looks so much like Justin Bieber.

  2. Boruto Namikaze says:

    Oi sagolerbacha tor ghum aise???

  3. Hazel Mae Buendia says:

    I thought he is justin Gigger ?

  4. OneEyE Monster says:

    CLICK BAIT WHORE….take it to shop to make it sound better???? FUCK YOU

  5. jOn dOe says:

    dude looks high as shit….

  6. South Playa says:

    I liked the video but it was pointless the videoes audience was confused i at first thought it was to people who cant afford a guitar that is straight from a guitar dealer which is why i clicked on this video. But then you started talking about getting a “good set up” i think that if you bought all the upgrades for a guitar and compared it to a guitar from the dealer you would find no difference if that is so then that person never needed to upgrade the guitar

  7. South Playa says:

    This video is trash i expected nothing less from someone like him ive never seen him play and i feel like he doesnt know what hes talking about this also feels like he didnt think about this before he posted


    Pussy fuck

  9. Brandon Hill says:

    Just useless….. ?

    You could break your guitar neck? O.M.G

  10. No one important says:

    3:50 watcha doin boy?

  11. ted ponsonby says:

    This is terrible. he hasent a clue…

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