Beginner Guitar Lesson Learn The Notes On The Fretboard EZ!

Beginner Guitar Lesson Learn The Notes On The Fretboard EZ!

Beginner Guitar Lesson Learn The Notes On The Fretboard EZ!
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Beginner guitar lesson learn the notes on the fretboard EZ! – In this beginner lesson we teach how to learn the notes on the fretboard. We start off teaching the 12 note scale and then apply it to the guitar. Easy and fun!

32 responses to “Beginner Guitar Lesson Learn The Notes On The Fretboard EZ!”

  1. STRAIGHTP says:

    Why didnt my guitar instructor in 1984 just start with this instead of Rocky Mountina Road?

  2. Mathieu C. says:

    You really motivated me to get into the theory, good on you ! As you said, I only learnt shapes and by ear. Now it’s time to know what note im playing ! Heap heap thanks !

  3. emma v says:

    This is awesome! I have been playing guitar for 7 years now and I never bothered to learn the all the notes… This is the easiest way I have heard it! I’m gonna go to memorizing now ?

  4. Free Will says:

    thank you finally breaking it down to finally understand, your awesome from Texas 🙂

  5. Fauquet Benjamin says:


  6. Nory starz says:

    It’s a good video but the problem is that i memorized all those notes but I can’t apply it on the guitar idk ☹

  7. Penny Weigel says:

    Great video, like ‘notes for dummies’ Very simple and clear. I play a baritone uke(DGBE), but it works regardless. Mahalo

  8. Glen Spencer says:

    YES ! finally a instruction i can understand ! trying to learn christian music by fisherfolk some songs have sharps ,some have flats THANK YOU FRIEND !

  9. Glen Spencer says:

    so i play song,find note , that tells me the chord ? then i can transpose sharps or flats to major chords ? THANK YOU DAVID !

  10. jay legirons says:

    I expected something dry and boring. Boy, was I wrong, you make this almost too easy. Thanks from a beginner.

  11. Shanebagel says:

    A really easy way to remember this note pattern is ”B and E” This method is like breaking and entering, Every note besides B and E have a sharp that follows: A A# (B) C C# D D# (E) F F# G G#

  12. Marty Boca says:

    Awesome video guys, love your passion; and the comments from the peanut gallery LOL, awesome. You make simple theory look easy and fun, thanks for a great video!

  13. Rob Hernandez says:

    That was simpler that some of the other videos that I have been watching, they just made it more confusing.Great video!!Thank you!!

  14. Rob Hernandez says:

    Does the 12 note scale repeats for the rest of the strings? like for the open A string, would the next note on the first fret of the A string be an A sharp and so on?does anyone know?Thank you

  15. Soumyadip Bhattacharya says:

    This 5 min lesson is worth for the entire career!

  16. Jeremiah’s anointing Warrior says:

    This is amazing ?

  17. Jeremiah’s anointing Warrior says:

    Thank you so much

  18. Ashwin .B says:

    Thanks for this this seems so important , but most of us ignore it.

  19. Mike Bathory says:

    this is the best lesson about notes you will find on the universe well it was for me , 20/01/2017 beginner.

  20. sunil dahiya says:

    Wow…I can’t believe this…I was struggling so hard to learn this and you made it so easy…You are great! You saved me…Thank you sooooooooo muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !:)

  21. Mike Bathory says:

    the sharp and flat botton , for example the A sharp isnt in the alphabet so , te bflat can be a sharp too

  22. 75apocalypse says:


  23. Ashish Awasthi says:

    Best tutorial.. Thanx it helped a tonn..

  24. Gajeel Redfox says:

    honestly… I feel like the box has been smashed open and I’m able to think outside it now. my dad made it sound like rocket science, and he couldn’t even play very well. it’s like you just took a pair of headphones that were so tangled up it would take years to untangle, and you said “nope” took some scissors cut off the ball of wire then fused it back together perfectly

  25. Rangana Sandaruwan Gurugamage says:

    great explanation,Thank you very much !!

  26. Stephen Smyth says:

    very helpful thx lol

  27. manickreations says:

    Finally!!!! I get it, thanks dude!!!!

  28. joe doe says:

    Sharps and flats are not accidentals if they’re in the key signature.

  29. bkfViking123 says:

    excellent trainer skills …. i am a training manager …. great job

  30. bonajab says:

    That’s what I’m talk’in about.

  31. erebusl says:

    Great video.
    Nice and easy to follow.
    A, A#, B, C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#.

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