Learn How To Jam With Yourself On Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EP045

Learn How To Jam With Yourself On Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EP045

Learn How To Jam With Yourself On Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EP045
Visit and look for EP045 to access the rest of the video content for this lesson as well as the tablature and a slow version of me playing through everything (to be used as a reference).

In this guitar lesson, I’ll show you how to effectively have a jam session with…. well… yourself 🙂 We don’t always have other musicians handy (in fact most of us don’t), so it’s always useful to learn this style of jamming where you’re playing both the rhythm and the lead parts (but without the complication of trying to do them at the same time like most fingerstyle players do).

24 responses to “Learn How To Jam With Yourself On Acoustic Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Lesson – EP045”

  1. Andrei Češko says:

    excellent lesson really thankful!!!

  2. Cathy Mallen says:

    I enjoyed this guitar lesson.  Thank you!

  3. IGarrettI says:

    my version of jamming with myself is delta blues, or coupke chords with licks between

  4. Ethan Skae says:

    Alrighty friends I got a sick jam goin

  5. Bakis says:

    that’s a sweet guitar….what is it??

  6. Bakis says:

    I asked to soon!! You go into detail on it in the video…..

  7. Donald_trump_is_a_smelly_asshole says:

    shit i was searching for this all over the internet T_T finally

  8. Pablo Leone says:

    you said, don’t memorize things, just play. I cannot play without memorizing what you show. so the point you stated was very good, but is it really exists?

  9. ueriksroger says:

    TABS ?????????

  10. Carson Guitarman says:

    That’s a pretty sweet jam you got there. If you’ve got time check out some of my stuff 🙂

  11. MisterJ says:

    I prefer writing my own stuff. I get bored learning other people’s songs. The problem is that I don’t really improve in my playing with doing this.

  12. Parmida Bagheriyan says:

    That WAS fun,fanx for teaching

  13. Yanto2013 says:

    Wow! This is such Fun! Thank-you. :O)

  14. Wale Guggisberg says:

    the lesson its nod bad, bud you talk too match

  15. Cjw615 says:

    you don’t really detail how to jam by yourself. Your just showing us how to memorize how to play YOUR jam that you made up.

  16. Alex says:

    It would be worth the price of admission just see the facial expressions! One of my family members makes fun of my expressions when I play. I told her to have a look at this guy, because he is my teacher! She said that’s ok for him to do it, because he can actually play!

  17. joe jones says:

    Joe burwood guitar personal teacher based in Tottenham London

  18. Charles peterson says:

    Just a short note to tell you what a fine teacher you are, and artist. Some of the whiners are, as the kookified say, comfortably numb. I also wanted to complement you on the guitar and tone you have developed. 45 very odd years ago I had a Martin 00-18 built in the 30’s. Traded up for a D28-12 and after putting it down for 35 years picked it up again. Thanks for the vibe.

  19. robert mazzarone says:

    I read a lot of these comments. Brian is one of the best teachers out there. You have to use his concepts to create your own ideas. But remember, you cannot ever play well unless you make faces when you play. Just look at BB King and Joe Walsh!

  20. Private Jimmy says:

    my God I want that guitar

  21. tie oneon says:

    very good stuff

  22. john dennis says:

    I think you are one of the best guitar players that I see on youtube. your mic. picks up your guitar sound just perfect. the best sounding system ive heard on youtube. I just wish your guitar had Dots on them to make it easy to follow along with you lol.

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