Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lesson

Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lesson

Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lesson
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Hello friends,
In today’s lesson I’ll show you how to play slide guitar! This tutorial will demonstrate how to play a clear and pitch-perfect note, how to perform a major triad, and how to perform the cmajor scale using your slide. These techniques are commonly used by players like Derek Trucks, Duane Allman, George Thorogood and Johnny Winter. Let’s get started!

Slides I recommend in medium size, you may need something bigger or smaller:

Mudslide, Medium size:
Dunlop Medium size Brass:
Derek Trucks Signature Coricidin Slide:

Request a song at:

38 responses to “Super Beginner Slide Guitar Lesson”

  1. Lookin Out For The News Paper Boy says:

    jackass theme?

  2. Kumiji says:

    yo my b string broke and i cant get new strings right now can you make a slide video without using the b string

  3. HallMonitor says:

    Are all 4 ads really necessary?

  4. symbiot888 says:

    great lesson. Thx

  5. Nemanja Bogdanovic says:

    what scale does he use ? Can you use e pentatonic blues scale for slide?

  6. Ramon 0106 says:

    hey dude, i have to make some pression with the slider, or just touch it ?

  7. ShadowMosses 1998 says:

    Damn son!!

  8. Gitaa A says:

    Great listen man! Can you apply these same techniques to acoustic guitar? And does the type of slide make a difference on acoustic guitar?

  9. Roy Howard says:

    Very good lesson,  simple and direct.

  10. Mitchell K says:

    Is that slide the top of a beer bottle?

  11. Ken Gibbens says:

    What ads?

  12. solara clarke says:

    sorry how boring…put people to sleep…….lot of better slide player teachers out there…your slide sounds like a teenager in the bedroom bending strings Pathetic……

  13. Zepp says:

    Can’t get the strings to stop ringing against the slide

  14. Chris Riddell says:

    this is awesome. I bought a glass slide years ago and barely used it. Its high time i got around to learning how, and this gave me some important techniques that I was missing before

  15. Diogo Paiva says:

    How can i see the tutorial to make a bottleneck slide?

  16. Emergency Alert System US says:

    No offense but that intro slide sounded choppy

  17. GlobalTubeTruth says:

    “Ok, now that you know to play the C major scale in that high treble octave…” Yeah, sounds like a lesson for “Super beginners”. lol I still give you a thumbs up anyway.

  18. Snok Instrumentals says:

    i like using a zippo as a slide. it makes you look like a badass.

  19. TheWorldOfChris says:

    Hey we have the same guitar

  20. Denie erham says:

    i subscribe to your channel so i can learn how to play guitar with slide like jack broadbent ( btw he use flask instead of slider)

  21. Michael P says:

    Hello, can you possibly show us how to play Dereks’ solo on The Needle and the Damage Done at Claptons’ 2013 Crossroads Concert?

  22. dingus cunnilingus says:

    this is the first video on slides to make any sense. thank you

  23. Steve F says:

    You’re the best Rob. Thanks

  24. Magnus Kjeldbjerg says:

    he played some nice noots

  25. Juanita Jimenez says:

    I think the slide intro sounds really cool ?? thanks for the video!

  26. Ian Hahn says:

    this is awesome. Thank you

  27. Jske Jake says:

    I use a socket (you know a tool a mechanic uses). The bottle slide is out of the question because I don’t drink wine, or wear a scarf.

  28. Tom Bromley says:

    Like if you had the yousician ad come up before you watched this

  29. Hawkin M says:

    any link to that track in the background of the start of the video? it sounded pretty fun

  30. Julie Rose says:

    Do you need to know bar chords before attempting this? I’m just starting to learn them and they are hard, my hand is resisting them every step of the way.

  31. Moogle Kuppo says:

    It has pyramid? Illuminati spotted

  32. renorebound says:

    Check out the Half Round “VooDoo Bone Guitar Slide” on eBay. Best On The Planet!

  33. luke simpson says:

    Tried to watch this vid in all seriousness but couldnt because kept laughing because he sounds like bill from bill and ted

  34. Jammin Rock says:

    is that like a one size fits all?

  35. Nick Shillito says:

    My bro just got me a pair of slides for xmas so I’ve got to learn how to use them now!

  36. Hey! It's Me! says:

    You got nice tone too!

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