How To Use A Guitar Capo – Guitar Lesson – Acoustic – Rock – Folk – Blues – Beginner

How To Use A Guitar Capo – Guitar Lesson – Acoustic – Rock – Folk – Blues – Beginner

How To Use A Guitar Capo – Guitar Lesson – Acoustic – Rock – Folk – Blues – Beginner
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In this free video guitar lesson you will learn how to use a capo on the guitar. It is a pretty simple process and by the end on the video you will fully understand not only how to use a capo, but why so many guitar players use a capo as well.

Just about every well known guitar player has used a capo at one time or another on the guitar. It can be used to create some dazzling effects, or just to change the key of a song.

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Lesson Taught By: Carl Brown

31 responses to “How To Use A Guitar Capo – Guitar Lesson – Acoustic – Rock – Folk – Blues – Beginner”

  1. williheckaslike says:

    Thank you for your time, skill, and the informative lessons you give ~ All the very best ~ Geoff

  2. AJBluesman says:

    Great tutorial for newbies ! Thanks.

  3. JeAl8a says:

    cool, I learned a lot

  4. Kris chord says:

    i started playing guitar 2 months ago, then i just notice this capo on some songs i looked at, do i still need it? cause i already know about bar chords and how the Aminor with the capo suddenly became a Cminor and Cmajor became a d#(?) are there any more use for it? or will it somewhat mess with how i play songs? will it improve the way i play or somethin?

  5. Sonu Hp says:

    plz tell me how to use A007B capo

  6. Rick Richtmyer says:

    One of the biggest issues about using a capo is that often the guitar will not be in tune when you are using it. This can be minimized by making sure that the capo is as close as possible to the desired fret and is straight across the neck. This is NOT how it is being demonstrated in this video. Other than that the video is a good tutorial on the use of a capo.

  7. JustKeith says:

    No haters so far? Whats up with that?

  8. JesseLaneGuitar says:

    Good advice, I also have a video covering some good tips using a capo!

  9. Zachary Nanji says:

    very helpful

  10. missmagoohoo says:

    Thanks for this video. It was helpful and it confirmed what I already thought the Capo did. 🙂

  11. yandel villalobo says:

    Nice video thanx

  12. Grace Gida says:

    thank you!!!

  13. Sir Lance Goodthrust says:

    You have a really cool sound

  14. EkulHD says:

    **puts capo on face** 
    You could say I am a step above everyone else.”

  15. Mel Geller says:

    the accepted pronunciation is KAY-PO. the correct pronunciation is CAP-OH like baseball cap.

  16. Hearty Falar says:


  17. Kaitlynn d,r Mullins says:

    i have the same thing but i am a binginger

  18. Gabriel Monias says:

    you’re good

  19. Windia Rathakrishnan says:

    Do you tune your guitar before putting the capo on or after?

  20. Andy Scott Smith says:

    hi great what song are you playing please

  21. Banana Gaming says:

    i have the exact same capo! xD

  22. Blanquita Ramirez says:


  23. Searching In Progress says:

    Capo sounds like a cute pet name

  24. Mr.SmithGNR Smith says:

    I have a Daddario capo…very nice. recommended

  25. junior sibanda says:

    very helpful

  26. Wei Ning says:

    Strumming pattern?

  27. Rick Cleek says:

    I am the God of Hell fire!!

  28. Krista Keister says:

    Thank you! Just bought one today ?

  29. Cora Robinson says:

    May I know what kind or name of your beautiful guitar? I love the sound ?

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