Where To Go From Here – Beginner Guitar Lesson #12

Where To Go From Here – Beginner Guitar Lesson #12

Where To Go From Here – Beginner Guitar Lesson #12
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Welcome to the final video in the Beginner Guitar Quick-Start Series. Congratulations on making it through each of the beginner guitar lessons. In this final video, Nate gives you some guidance on where to go from here.

He recommends that you set goals for your playing, so you will have a clear direction for the future. And, as always, he recommends that you apply everything you learn along to real music. If you ever need a refresher you can come back to review these lessons here:

34 responses to “Where To Go From Here – Beginner Guitar Lesson #12”

  1. Natasa Kovacevic says:

    You teach very well, and you helped me a lot. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Nico Emmanuel A. Sy says:

    can I play a good song with this chords?

  3. Frank Floyd says:

    Thank you very much, excellent course! My goal is to learn some Jack Johnson, favourite artist!!

  4. Adam Calcafuoco says:

    Really 3 people gave this a thumbs down whaaaaaa? ? Awesome job man

  5. Saumya Singh says:

    Thank You soo much .. You were a great help for me and others who were unaware of the basics and didn’t know where to start ??
    You are a great teacher

  6. Bryce Gritter says:

    This series was great! Hoping to potentially get some live guitar lessons, because really, nothing can replace that, but these videos have been an excellent aid for a beginner like me.

  7. SANJANA BURLI says:

    no words. speechless…thanks is a very small word sir..but still…thank you so very much:)

  8. Himanshu Tirpude says:

    Its really too good dude…
    Please tell me which lessons of u to be watch next …

  9. Vani Ramnarain says:

    Thank you so much Nate I’ve started playing for maybe 2-3 weeks and I can have a jam session already! You did an amazing job thanks so much

  10. Βασιλης Τσρ. says:

    Reached so far but i would like to focus on learning one song. Nickelback – How you remind me. Could you give me some tips or a reccommented vinteo, i would be greatful! Great job btw

  11. johnguwop says:

    Funny how the first video had a million and these only has about 150k

  12. Arnish Grover says:

    Awesome !! Learned a lot. Thank You so much

  13. Death_The_Pizza says:

    Learned Guitar in 3days!! i love you sir~<3 ^..^

  14. Elias Khodaparast says:

    thanks for this wonderful series

  15. Rick SkehaN says:

    Awesome! Thx Nate!

  16. Yogesh Gaikwad says:

    Thanks a lot Nate. I have just started and your tuts are inspiring. I will keep practicing till I am fluent with four chords you taught

  17. Sage Nabeel says:

    I started practicing guitar just a week back ….and my fingers tip seam to hurt ….what should I do …take rest for few days or just keep practising ???

  18. gabriel estrada says:

    Thank you!

  19. Sasha Mikhailau says:

    what song is this?

  20. BubbleGum Gaming / BGGYT says:

    i already know the things from 1-12, but thanks anyway 🙂

  21. David Carrico says:

    Awesome starter! I’m an absolute noob and this helped me feel like I am capable of learning to play. And hey is this the chord progression for “knocking on heaven’s door”?

  22. Frankie Jesus says:

    You sir have been an incredible help! I’ve learned so much from these past 12 videos. Thank you so much!

  23. Sarim nadvi says:

    Thanks man you inspired me a lot a taught me how to play a guitar in 1 hour other YouTube videos did not even explain anything anyways that is for spending your valuable time in these lessons

  24. Aadat kumar says:

    which is the next video to learn guitar after this one

  25. Eating Ass Is An Art says:

    Never forget

  26. Eritaj Kreyòl says:

    I made it yay

  27. Vitor Paiva says:

    What songs would you say are best to learn from our skill level?

  28. samira hadzic says:

    The best series, thank you so much!! ☺

  29. LoOfy Loco says:

    hi I am Alad from Algeria i just want to think you . u gave me hope word s just can not explain how thankful i am .u are amazing i blvd in you and u did nt dispointed me i learned a lot from u are truly a teacher..

  30. PercusserAgentK37 says:

    Thank you so much man!!!!

  31. Random Things says:

    thank you so much! you really helped!

  32. Vendrix Uther says:

    I can’t believe i just finished all of this in only an hour, i am really amazed

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