5 Tips For Great Sounding Bar Chords – Guitar Lesson

5 Tips For Great Sounding Bar Chords – Guitar Lesson

5 Tips For Great Sounding Bar Chords – Guitar Lesson
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Many newer guitarists have trouble making their bar chords (also known as barre chords) sound clean. In this lesson Nate Savage will walk you through five crucial tips for making your bar chords sound great. There are also quite a few bar chord technique tips throughout this lesson for you.

Once you go through these five bar chord tips you can download the jam track for this lesson. This will give you a fun way apply everything you learn. You can find the track here.

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23 responses to “5 Tips For Great Sounding Bar Chords – Guitar Lesson”

  1. Ãrjït Shûklã says:

    Ur video was greate
    it help me…
    my bar is right but when I shift to shape all get mash what to do???????

  2. a hot steaming bowl of what the hell says:

    what are barre chords I don’t get it

  3. Michelle pashaev says:

    That was helpful thanks!

  4. Julian M says:

    This was actually really useful thanks

  5. Tom Knight says:

    I use my pinky to make G chord because part of middle finger missing Tom Knight

  6. Tom Knight says:

    Nate the best Tom

  7. Tom Knight says:

    Nate pulling my elbow in really help me with C chord , Thanks Tom Knight

  8. Christian To says:

    You are a SAVAGE

  9. Shibasish Deb says:

    plz make a video on changing from open to bar chords!!!


    u r a monster

  11. Anna Rodrigues says:

    hey nate.. when i barre the strings and play them individually, the 1st two and last two strings are heard clearly but my G and D strings sound muted no matter how hard i press my finger…. hope you can help me out.. thanks 🙂

  12. Lawrence Abbott says:

    so what I dont understand is, if I bring my elbow down to my body and I try to make that barre, my wrist has more of a tendency to become bent. also, when I play barre chords up at the 10-13 frets, my wrist must bend more dramatically to make that shape. any tips? Im mostly struggling with keeping a straight wrist to avoid that pain.

  13. Turtle With a uke says:

    Works for uke too 🙂 thanks

  14. fabin faisal says:

    hi Nate, is finger picking or finger style suitable for acoustic guitar?

  15. Charvie Mishra says:

    Hope this helps….. I’ve a huge setback in my guitar playing due to barre chords…. It has been 3 months but I’m no better

  16. Aditi Ghosalkar says:

    thanks for your help…I have been struggling so muuuch with these bar chords for the last week.

  17. Nancy Richardson says:

    Thanks for great advice and practice tips. I love the practice track. First day so will update results!

  18. Eric Rentarou says:


  19. Black Sheep says:

    Fuck Barre chords

  20. Gary Balius says:

    Awesome teacher. I am 83 and just learning!!!!!

  21. Virginia Shiller says:

    Really helpful, thanks!

  22. Amitava Guha says:

    I can’t play the 1st n 2nd string what should I do

  23. Junior_ o6 says:

    My barre chords is perfect i only have struggle when i have to barre chords at 8th – 12th fret idk why.

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