Basic Guitar Picking Technique – Lead Guitar Lesson #2

Basic Guitar Picking Technique – Lead Guitar Lesson #2

Basic Guitar Picking Technique – Lead Guitar Lesson #2
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Welcome to video two of the Lead Guitar Quick-Start Series. In this lesson you will learn about basic guitar picking techniques. This is important, because you want to avoid building any bad habits as you learn to play lead guitar.

We will start with some universal picking tips and then we will go into playing downstrokes, upstrokes, and using alternate picking. Always remember to stay loose and relaxed whenever playing lead guitar.

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20 responses to “Basic Guitar Picking Technique – Lead Guitar Lesson #2”

  1. Michele Lisette Jennings aka Mello Yello says:

    how do you deal with the pain on your shoulder i cant focus with the pain

  2. Kelz King says:

    thanks nate this was a helpful videi. been practicing my guitar picking and making sure to land on the exact string i want to rather then getting cuaght on a different one.

  3. Cherri Bomb says:

    What about finger picking I started with that when I was thought and never really used a pick Iwould like to talk more when you have time

  4. Jay Jay says:

    What do i do every time my fingers start blistering? every time I try and learn a new song and its solo, my ring finger tips starts to blister and it hurts when I play later on. I wouldn’t have that much time to practice and master a song because I gotta wait once a week for my finger to feel better again

  5. Enosh Kumar says:

    Is it technically right to use ‘thumb’ instead of a pick for picking?

  6. Jenny McCall says:

    WHat kind of guitar is that that you use? so awsome lol

  7. rico-andreas lepp says:

    Hi, awesome video, I was just wondering where do you rest your right hand when playing lower strings, E for example, do you let your wrist touch the guitar?

  8. Ian Barnett says:

    Do you recommend using a pick on an acoustic guitar as well as using a finger picking style as on a Spanish guitar
    regards ian.b

  9. theron mccollough says:

    That was a really helpful lesson! Question!: I tend to want to brace my pick hand on the pick guard when I play single strings with my free 3 fingers. This becomes a problem as I move from the high to the low strings. Any thoughts on this? (I’m a beginner) Thank you…

  10. Pranjali Thakekar says:

    Hi. I’m starting with leads to learn the guitar and after leads I’ll step ahead to learn chords..
    M i on the right track?
    Thanks in advance

  11. Anushka Agarwal says:

    Hi. I have a lead guitar and my teacher first taught me the picking exercise but a kind of different — first downwards i.e. 6 5 4 3 2 1 and then upwards i.e. 1 2 3 4 5 6 but I’m having trouble in the middle strings so could you please explain how to do it?

  12. Thatchman says:

    My hand synchronization sucks, PLZ HALP!!!!

  13. Marwoto junsidi says:

    too much talk bro !!!!!!!!!!!!,.,,,,, need more technique and practice show….

  14. Moozicman says:

    Would you recommend I use my fingers to pick or a pick

  15. Nyima Dolma says:

    I wasted 20 min of my life on this. just teach dont talk and complain how people gone do bad or wrong. dont show your narcist complex. so depressing!

  16. Arsh Pandit says:

    Can I place my wrist on upper strings while playing lower e b and g strings ?

  17. PROZAC 7 says:

    is it help to keep our little finger on the body while playing leads ??????

  18. Arun Prabhu George says:

    Thank you so much for the tips. I love how you are patiently explaining stuff. Thanks a ton

  19. Tejashwi Rana says:

    Play more talk less !!!

  20. Koeke Loere says:

    Lol that’s the same pick I use.

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