Everlast – What It’s Like – Guitar Lesson, Easy Acoustic Songs For Guitar

Everlast – What It’s Like – Guitar Lesson, Easy Acoustic Songs For Guitar

Everlast – What It’s Like – Guitar Lesson, Easy Acoustic Songs For Guitar
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Hey guys Marty here with MartyMusic, hope your week is off to a good start! Here’s an easy acoustic lesson to ease you into Monday, it’s “What It’s Like” by Everlast. Thanks and see you again soon!

Peace and Love,

29 responses to “Everlast – What It’s Like – Guitar Lesson, Easy Acoustic Songs For Guitar”

  1. Marty Music says:

    Thanks for supporting me right here at my channel! Free HD courses when you sign my newsletter at http://www.MartyMusic.com !

  2. Keaton Jones says:

    Could you do a video on Walking back to Georgia by Jim Croce please?

  3. Cory Houston says:

    Anyone else keep muting the pull off on the bottom string? I think my fingers are too fat.

  4. Ebony Faith says:

    My FAVORITE song “What It’s Like” by Everlast! ❤???

  5. Ebony Faith says:

    Can you please do “Push” by Matchbox20?! I’ll pay you!

  6. Gabe Pike says:

    Love your videos!! They’re very helpful and easy to follow along with!! Any chance of doing one on Skynyrd’s “Mr. Banker”??

  7. William Rhodes says:

    Beautiful rendition!

  8. matthew walls says:

    Hey Marty just wondering. Are you muting the low E with ur thumb?

  9. Ryan Schumann says:

    I want to learn how to play Black honey by Thrice

  10. Jonathan Osteen says:

    This dude is just an awesome and natural teacher I’ve had my guitar for less than a week and thanks to him I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress

  11. Cyrix Cyrix says:

    whats the strumming pattern I understand he says in the video but I need to see it in text

  12. Kendall Craig says:

    Hey Marty! Can you do a break down for Staind, It’s been awhile. Really appreciate the chance to learn from a master.

  13. Necro says:

    He’s shit at explaining

  14. memE_XDXD_jesuS says:

    i think you’re missing a hammer-on after the transition from the cmaj to the dm

  15. Joshua Nelson says:

    You’ve shown me a lot of songs. Everytime I’m about to commit suicide, I learn another song. I’m a singer in Michigan so I can only do rhythm. I have something to offer the world and I an emotional mess…. guess that probably I can sing. Thank you

  16. Chris Rondon says:

    Im so glad you redid, the first one you were still learning it while watching, but it was better to learn from, gain an understanding of music, my way and find this when its needed the most, so thanks

  17. Kyler Nappier says:

    For anyone curious.. Down, Down, Down, Down Up, Down, Down, Down, Down Up.

  18. Spencer Shimon says:

    Search Every song you’ve ever wanted to learn. Top 3 videos every time.. “Marty Music”

  19. Omuerta Genetix says:

    tabs? still not getting it

  20. Ronald Bryant says:

    Marty, your instruction is amazing.  I really appreciate it!

  21. David Higgins says:

    Thanks Marty! I was hoping to see some Everlast!

  22. David Cromer says:

    I hope my in-person guitar instructor doesn’t see this, because I have to say that Marty is my favorite teacher. Thanks for clear instructions.

  23. Ostertag : the big O says:

    What is the strum pattern for this song because im really confused on it. Also still tryna get the bridge down. Could someone give me the strum pattern and give me some advice for the bridge?

  24. Jerome Easter says:

    I hope you’re not just teasing us with Layla there at the end. Would love to see you do that one

  25. Ol Sage Orange Peels says:

    Hey Marty I am 33 years old and have always wanted to learn to play the guitar. Your videos have helped me alot. Thank you for putting something innocent, and pure on YouTube in a world of horrible things. I’m doing alot better. In 2 months I’ve gone from not knowing anything about guitar, to being able to play 8-10 chords, and the song “Wish you were here” including the solo. Thank you again!!!

  26. Ol Sage Orange Peels says:

    Oh yeah one more thing. Can you do a video on “So far away” by “Avenged Sevenfold”? Thanks

  27. Brandon Becker says:

    for the life of me i cant get the pull off with my pinky right. it just thuds and i readjust my hand and try again and same thing

  28. sjeverett75 says:

    I heard this on the radio the other day. I hadn’t heard it in a long time. I thought to myself “I should see if Marty has a lesson for this?” Now I can play it and it’s easier than it sounds.

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