Strumming Method – Guitar Lessons Beginners – Guitar Ebook

Strumming Method – Guitar Lessons Beginners – Guitar Ebook

Strumming Method – Guitar Lessons Beginners – Guitar Ebook
Go to to find out how to get a free guitar ebook that will have you playing guitar today!!! This guitar lesson vid shows you guitar strumming basics. This video supports the ebook that can be found at

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34 responses to “Strumming Method – Guitar Lessons Beginners – Guitar Ebook”

  1. John L says:

    THANK YOU!! I’ve been searching for a simple, but complete description of strumming for a beginner for 2 weeks now. You were the first person to describe it in a clean, understandable way!

  2. Sk8allwaysXD says:

    do you have to buy the e book

  3. Jefferey Javachip says:

    @Sk8allwaysXD Yes. It’s $10.

  4. alan dart says:

    thank you sir for your direction in learning the guitar. How do i know what type of strum a song should have, i have multiple books that try to explain there diagrams but i make no sense. could you direct me sir. I have receintly purchased your ebook and find it very helpfull with the video’s you produce. thank you again.

  5. jimmytwoshoes2009 says:

    hi you are amazing!do you know how play- ALL OUT OF LOVE by air supply.i want to play them in!

  6. Stephanie says:

    I still can’t strum, I really think I’m cursed with crappy strumming syndrome hmmph.

  7. Ryan Cisek says:

    i get the strumming chart in the eBook but im still having trouble understanding how you get the strumming pattern just by listening to a song.

  8. DaddysGirl3181 says:

    UGH. This is gonna be hard

  9. TheGreatOne222 says:

    ive been watching your videos for a hwile now, thinking about buying ur book

  10. genkers says:

    i understand the plus and numbers mean but im still having trouble understandign rhythm when you have it as 1+2 an da 3+4 e an da

  11. chavasusan says:

    i just bought my guitar about a week ago, and i dont know anything about it but your videos are helping a lot the only thing is i cant keep up cause when i change notes i lose it and it takes way to long for me to get my finger correct!!! any advice on how i can do it faster…. its frustraighting!!!!

  12. rosstafari21 moonbear says:

    Dude i luv ur videos i think their the best.

  13. navigator 123 says:

    i love the way you taught…….

  14. Ella Kane says:

    You are a saint!!! Thank you!!!

  15. Pat Lambert says:

    thanks dude. great strumming lesson. Made a lot of sense. BTW, looks like you use the same razor as me. none. Looks good bro, thanks, Oak.

  16. Anthony Mendez says:

    how do you learn to recognize the beat of a song? therefore knowing what strumming pattern to use? especially for songs that have no guitar. thanks. love your channel. 🙂

  17. Martin Strudwick says:

    Erich, you’re awesome! Your lessons have helped me become a better player. I especially like how you help out your students by soliciting them to be in your videos.

    Where can I send the comb?

  18. Carly Bruening says:

    Your videos are very helpful! Thanks!

  19. Eamonn Judge says:

    what do you do if theres no + or number just a space in the strumming rythm

  20. JediLink says:

    Yes, yes you are.

  21. THE PO SHOW says:

    The hole foot thing i never understood cause your hands doing it lol is it a learning thing or something

  22. Chaiya Sinvorakoopt says:

    This is a good lesson with Erich the great teacher. I will buy eBook to learn strumming & rhythm from you. I hope that I can play better within these 12 months. Please let me know how to purchase and which one is best for my need. You are welcome to write off-line to me. Thanks.

  23. Chaiya Sinvorakoopt says:

    Erich is the great teacher, I agreed.

  24. Bri H says:

    as a beginner, shall i learn to use the pick now?  or shall i practice my right hand finger first?

  25. Bend Em says:

    People if you like Erich here support him his books are so low cost but very packed with know how to learn effectively. He’s done a superb job and put in many years to teach us what he knows. Very cost effective guitar lessons that are easyish to learn and I’m sure he might answer some of your questions long as you don’t over load him and like me you have also supported him by buying his great books. I’m happy so far and learning ?????

  26. Dandeniyage nishantha says:

    thanks a lot sir

  27. joe doe says:

    I wish someone would teach how to practice striking ONLY the strings needed for a given chord, especially on the upstroke, whether it’s 3 strings only, 4, or 5. Depending on the chord, the downstroke has you omitting certain strings at the beginning or top of the strum, i.e. either string 6, or 5 and 6, or 4, 5, and 6. But all remaining strings are strummed down to the 1st string. If this isn’t difficult enough, the upstroke is even harder. In chords that don’t use all 6 strings, you must stroke the first 3, 4, or 5 strings (which means strings 1, 2, and/or 3 depending on the chord), then avoid having the pick strike strings 4, 5, and/or 6. This seems very difficult, yet no one talks about it. It’s overlooked in all the many lesson videos online, yet it’s a required ability to keep from including notes in chords that aren’t suppose to be heard. In fact, I have yet to find even ONE lesson video that discusses this. The most I’ve seen is how to wrap the thumb over the 6th string to mute it, thereby allowing the player to keep stroking all 6 strings without worrying about not touching the 6 string, but this seems like a cop out. It doesn’t solve the other problems of 3 and 4 string chords, and a muted note is still a faint sounding note that shouldn’t be heard at all. Why doesn’t anyone talk about this and how to practice it? It seems to be the most difficult aspect of strumming.

  28. YourGuitarSage says:

    Hey gang, check out my free online course at:

  29. Jason Wilson says:

    Newbie and cannot believe how much I am struggling with strumming rhythm. This video is helping a lot though and there is not a lot of content/explanations on this subject out there. Most are just practice this strumming pattern and go… This video is great, would love to see a similar one done with a metronome for us newbies. Thanks though. Great lesson IMO.

  30. Alejandro Lopez says:

    Greaty job, i don´t speack english but i think i get the idea… je I will try to explain this in spanish because a lot of people ask me about this!!!!

  31. Ashwin .B says:

    Thanks for this video sir!

  32. Rashi Mandlik says:

    This is really encouraging for someone like me, I picked up the guitar without any training, just to cope with the pressure of medical school and now I can play full fledged covers thanks to your videos and many like them. Sending tons of love from India….❤️ Thank you so much… Rashi

  33. TheOneZenith says:

    Nice lesson, Erich. Strumming a kind of waltz pattern is the first thing I’m trying to learn about strumming patterns. A lot of traditional Irish and Scottish songs use a waltz pattern. The issue I always have is hitting both the down and up when I want. Slowing down may just be what I was neglecting.

    Vivian had an okay practice today. She’s still trying to rush her playing and hasn’t quite worked out in her head that doing the scales from low to high and then high to low means she has to reverse her fingering on the way back. She’s six, so there’s plenty of time.

    I’m looking forward to being home so I can sit down with my guitar again. I took your advice and let my fingers rest for about a week, only helping Vivian on her guitar a bit and not really playing on it myself.

    Thankfully the airport located where they misplaced my ID. To everyone who kept me in their thoughts, thank you for the well wishes. It hampered our vacation but at least we muddled our way through and it solved itself in the end.

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