Coldplay – Yellow | Acoustic Guitar Tutorial | Official Chords + Rhythm

Coldplay – Yellow | Acoustic Guitar Tutorial | Official Chords + Rhythm

Coldplay – Yellow | Acoustic Guitar Tutorial | Official Chords + Rhythm
This is a tutorial of the song Yellow by Coldplay. I figured out the official chords, and strumming of the acoustic guitar. This is exactly how Chris plays it live and on the album!

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34 responses to “Coldplay – Yellow | Acoustic Guitar Tutorial | Official Chords + Rhythm”

  1. PHIL BOUASSE says:

    Hi Paul. Amazing what you can achieve with different tunings. Very cool tutorial, your rule ! One of my favourite quote is from another alternative tunings guitar player : Keith Richards himself. Classic country blues G tuning and getting rid of his first string. I love the way he speaks about his style: “five strings, three cords and one asshole”. haha.

  2. StFengler says:


    what is the name of this tuning?

  3. Remigio Arevalo says:

    100% original a la canciĆ³n -….

  4. Adrian Delgadillo Espinoza says:

    Hi Paul thanks for the video, I love your channel, just have a question, do you know if Chris uses this tuning for an entire concert or it comes to change of guitar and therefore of tuning šŸ™‚

  5. inventaunmaƱana says:

    That guitar doing intro voice sounded as good as I can think of an acoustic tone!

  6. Britsqi says:

    Your singing was actually quite good. Maybe you didn’t sing it in the exact same way as Chris Martin did it, but that’s fine

  7. min Ɩ says:

    what guitar are you using?

  8. Arman Srsa says:

    great work Paul, just one little thing: the Emaj7 in the chorus is actually not one octave up. Try this:
    1st string = open
    2nd string = 11th fret
    third string = open
    4th string = 9th fret
    5th string = open
    6th string = open

  9. Arman Srsa says:

    also the Abminor chord (which is actually supposed to be G#minor) is tabbed out wrong. You have the second string open. Where did you get these chords from?

  10. Roberto QuiƱones Nakazaki says:

    This is the best version in youtube….thank you.

  11. Name Thingy says:

    Is there a way you could do the Amsterdam piano part on guitar like you did on Everglow? I think that would be awesome.

  12. Atlas Universe says:

    I love this version. Too bad my thumbs are small. Fml?

  13. Cockers 66 says:

    Cold play the worst self indulgence pile of crap band in the world

  14. kenshi88ify says:

    Thank you I have the sheet music for this and learning this rendition of it was a lot fun

  15. ejflesher says:

    Excellent first song for me to introduce thumb barres. This is easier than I than I expected. Thanks.

  16. Sayantan Saha says:

    Please make a tutorial on how you played the melody lines of Yellow by Coldplay in this video

  17. Ahmed Azi says:

    Can you please give the tabs for the intro you played please?

  18. D.Banbitlang Thangq says:

    Paul please give a tutorial on how you play the picking part in the starting of this video.. I really want to learn that part where you skipped the singing…

  19. frankyjonez says:

    Je gitaarwerk is prachtig, maar je moet echt Engelse lessen nemen! Je kunt het ook ‘charme’ noemen, maar ik zou echt een paar jaar in Londen gaan wonen! Groetjes prof. Joosten

  20. Badon Jyrwa says: was helpful to me…
    and why Paul didn’t you play more song of Coldplay…

  21. Neel Manoj says:

    Dude, I SUBSCRIBED, and liked. Yep, your welcome and I know how much that means to you

  22. Starsky Hutcherson says:

    My thumbs to short…damn.

  23. Smita Khatri says:

    please do guitar music theory lessons

  24. Back Country Pastimes says:

    Interestingly, shiver, a song on the same album (that album being parachutes) is in the same tuning as yellow, it’s more complicated than yellow though, the chords are very unusual but it’s a kickass song. Two awesome songs with one weird tuning. Very creative indeed, what a genius Chris is

  25. Nathan Rodriguez says:

    love your vids dog

  26. Kamil Klabiński says:

    Great lesson Paul, keep going!

  27. UEILLEVX says:

    lush chords from this tuning. thanks again

  28. Mauri Romero says:

    Choto de mierda enseƱa el punteo

  29. Andrei Bazi says:

    I love both Martins (Chris and that Martin guitar – it sounds amazing). Thanks for an amazing video, as usual šŸ™‚

  30. SodaaaPop says:

    Great tutorial Paul! One question, did you play the lead part on standard tuning or the yellow tuning?

  31. Santiago Cisneros says:

    Thank you! Amazing job!. Greetings

  32. Garrett Rodgers says:

    My tiny hands can’t play the main chord the way you do without muting the d#.

  33. Chris Stone says:

    Thanks for that Tutorial!!!
    And Nice Voice ?

  34. Sol Estrada says:

    you are awesome, this is the very best tutorial I’ve found, you are a saint

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