How To Play 112 Jazz Guitar Chords

How To Play 112 Jazz Guitar Chords

How To Play 112 Jazz Guitar Chords
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This video teaches you how to play 16 different jazz chord voicings of the diatonic 7th chords nested within the major scale. Rather than just throw a bunch of chord fingerings at you, the lesson demonstrates a simple and systematic approach to creating chord voicings. This approach can be applied to any scale (e.g. Harmonic Minor, Melodic Minor, etc.).

34 responses to “How To Play 112 Jazz Guitar Chords”


    simply and well explained,and..most of all…never boring !! i can get some use from your great lessons! thanks for posting man

  2. Gabe Robert says:

    What amp are u using in this video, sir?
    I have a small yamaha amp. i cant recall the model but it sucks. the sound easily cracks and the bass is just awful.
    What would u suggest for a not so small and affordable one?

  3. deacon theseer says:

    Very eye opening .

  4. wesam gulia says:

    Diss like ??? I cant understand why …it is berfekt lesson .. thank you man

  5. bluesintheblood says:

    By “walk up” do you mean harmonize the cords?

  6. multafija says:

    I gotta follow this exercise routine daily. I always forget some voicings, especially the m7b5 ones.

  7. MichaelUhler says:

    What a great video. You are the man!

  8. Gitaa A says:

    This is great but how do you apply these chords to a song? Or is this just an exercise?

  9. Wolf Castle says:

    There are no such things like “jazz chords”. There are jazz chord progressions.

  10. Señores sabrosos says:

    Hacelo en español forro

  11. Richardsandraelias True Soulmate's says:

    Sir I can understand this but what’s the main patern to Jazz because its complelety converted electronic communication and it skills complelety belongs chords but what’s actual pattern of this…?

  12. Gladi Luchina says:

    This guitarrist has a very similar elvis’ voice!

  13. svencro669 says:

    Thank you very much for the tab

  14. Davilson Silva says:

    Hey, buddy! I like to play bossa nova, jazz. What brand is your guitar?

  15. Peter Fedorenko says:

    That guitar is so beautiful- Great lesson, too.

  16. Hellfire SPMA says:

    idk the fingerings for a lot of those chords and you don’t say them so you’re just running down the neck with chord names and that kind of makes it harder for someone that doesn’t know the fingerings to follow. kind of shitty for a guitar lesson video and shitty of guitar videos in general – a lot of people do this.

  17. Prince James says:

    Thanks…been looking for this exact thing. Awesome tutorial! This lesson is right up there with Marty Schwartz lessons!

  18. Kaveras says:

    Eargasm on every chord played <3

  19. Lawrance Louis says:

    Fucking he teach so fast, it was so difficult to pause the video…

  20. John Philips says:

    Way too fast

  21. D'aquisto says:

    2:01 impossible to me

  22. kalakaua aetiomil says:

    Thank you very much sir. Been playing some of these major& minor chords for years without knowing their names. You made it easy by your demo. Mahalo.

  23. nithin mathew says:

    Is there a version of this for minor chords??

  24. Marvin Sheats says:

    Thank you. Extremely useful and needed.

  25. Ian Peden says:

    2:20- did you mean TOP four strings? 2:40 – move it UP a set of strings, not down. It’s good that it’s clear from the video what you are doing. Good lesson.

  26. william_stuff says:

    Excellent lesson!

  27. Lost Sanity says:

    I wish I knew anything he just said

  28. Robbert Werker says:

    close your eyes and listen to seth rogen talking over smooth jazzy chords

  29. Jesus Pena says:

    ok nice lesson

  30. C Enos says:

    Thanks for making chords interesting and adding to my collection of them ! It’s going to be a great workout 🙂

  31. Musicalvs says:

    This is the best jazz video i ever seen and learning.

  32. Thinh Tran says:

    Wow all i can said ?

  33. wayne miller says:

    I know this video has been here a while and I am way late to the party but I must compliment ArgentinaGuitar on such a no-nonsense, no “fluff” video. There is so much “meat” here to digest. I’ve played guitar some 50 years and I know many of these voicings, but the simple concept of playing the major scale on each string never occurred to me. Some chords are quite a stretch, yes. But the voicings are worth it. Thank you for your contribution.

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