Allman Brothers – Sweet Melissa Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar

Allman Brothers – Sweet Melissa Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar

Allman Brothers – Sweet Melissa Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar
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19 responses to “Allman Brothers – Sweet Melissa Acoustic Guitar Lesson – How To Play On Guitar”

  1. Chucky Winters says:’re the best!! You seem like a pretty cool guy.

  2. Bluesy Mike says:

    First of all thanks for taking the time to post all of your tutorials. Anyway, I was listening to that cool bridge and after the C#mi you play a D but I’m hearing an A chord….. ?

  3. Mary Hutchison says:

    I absolutely love you Marty! I thank you from my soul! You are an awesome teacher and when I sit and play the songs I love that you’ve taught me…I smile. You did that!!! Thank you!!!

  4. Kevin Ansari says:

    I saw your comment on their live video!

  5. Ryan says:

    That Taylor sounds incredible

  6. Gary Dernus says:

    Dude I love that you play a sample of the songs in the beginning of all your videos. Just so if I knew how to play something before and forgot and I can just see it real quick.. other people can be too long with their videos to get to the good stuff (if that makes any sense).. anyways I’m drunk.. you’re the shit Mart!

  7. Mike Canestrale says:

    Hello Marty….! I’m Michael,from Monessen,Pennsylvania… That song …Melissa, popped into my head yesterday and I got onto YouTube to find a lesson and you came up first… I don’t know how I was so lucky but I really take to your teaching Style. I’ve been a musician my whole life basically and I’m going to be 59 on November 26th but guitar is not my strong suit but I love the instrument.I play trumpet,piano & organ ,which I can read BUT, I pick things up kinda quickly & guitar BASICS came easily & therefore i never learned notes or even chord names (lol) .I basically watch others and learn that way. Because of this,my repoiritoir is void of many tricks,skills and /or technique methods that I really need to play as well as I’d like… I gotta say though,I put Melissa into my brain in about 5 minutes ,thanks to your lesson,and I was STOKED! Just guessing ,I’d say that I’ve seen the ABB 20-25 times,over the years,& they certainly are 1 of my favorites of all time So I pressed like & subscribed and you are now my teacher!…thanks! (How about Michelle by the Beatles…ever posted that one? Would love to learn that one…)

  8. Luke Swartz says:

    The C should be Cmaj7. Otherwise great lesson

  9. Glen smith says:

    Marty, I like your instruction but it would be so much easier for me to get the strumming part if you were to count 1, 2 and 3 and and put it in a measures versus down up down up up down down up down down up down…

  10. Ron Laurain says:

    hi Marty! how about Color My World by Chicago could you show us that one? And Thank You Marty..

  11. thejohndis says:

    What a fun song. Thanks Marty!

  12. Billy Green says:

    Been wanting to get this one down- had most of it once again thanks Marty for filling in the blanks you’re a super teacher I really like how you take it slow -so the person get the Chord progression down pat. ~Thanks Marty~

  13. Germoney2000 says:

    Lots of good stuff to practice here. (You’re right about those barre chords) Thanks for the great lesson! I actually had the pleasure of Meeting Greg and Duane Allman when I was 17 years old… a long, long time ago. They were playing in a small concert hall, on an amusement Pier, in my home town. Between Shows, they just walked around and mingled…. Back in them days you could do that I guess…. They were really nice, friendly, down to earth type of people….  It was a fantastic Show. (two weeks later, Duane was dead)…. Bummer…. but the Music lives on….. Gotta love the “Allman Brothers”….

  14. surftama says:

    Thanks again – clear concise – great lesson!

  15. Simon Wiltshire says:

    Cant thank you enough mate!

  16. Miles Woodbine says:

    Can we have a lead guitar lesson for this song please Marty

  17. paul may says:

    I’m a self taught guitarist. Been playing for 35 years. I can read guitar cords but I’m easily frustrated and annoyed most of the time with certain songs. Someone else could have showed me this a hundred times and I wouldn’t have got it. The apps on this phone are awesome. If I had this thing 35 years ago, I would be way more advanced. My point being, that for some reason, you just taught me one of my top 5 favorite songs. I picked right up and within 15 minutes, I have it down? I don’t know what you just did but you did it!!? kick ass!! Thx bro!

  18. Joe Steffe says:

    can i request a song the Moe Pitney hit Behind this Guitar

  19. Brad Wright says:

    Cmaj7 sounds sweet in the chorus. I use these chords for the bridge: E D A B C#m A B

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