Elvis Presley ‘Blue Christmas’ Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Elvis Presley ‘Blue Christmas’   Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Elvis Presley ‘Blue Christmas’ Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson
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Let’s get into the holiday spirit with a classic tune made famous by Elvis Presley. In this HD video tutorial, I’ll break down how to play “The Kings” 1964 classic “Blue Christmas”, which was originally featured on “Elvis’ Christmas Album”, available at

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27 responses to “Elvis Presley ‘Blue Christmas’ Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson”

  1. Rob Lack says:

    Hi I’m really into my guitar again since watching you. Do you think you could do elvis one night with you, with all the walk up. Thxs

  2. imsuchvoltrash says:

    ? I got so emotional because my granny passed away and she listened to this song at Christmas all the time and I’m going to perform this for my family. I’m so emotional.

  3. Graceland Studio Covers says:

    Your the best …. best understanding lessons EVER.

  4. Graceland Studio Covers says:

    Could you teach me Elvis…When im over you. especcialy the intro lick …..would be awesome. Nobody ever don this. Thnx for all the wonderfull lessons so far. …Ive learned alot already.

  5. Alvin Ang says:

    tutorial would be better

  6. MrFenzyBastard says:

    thank you so much for sharing, i find it very useful, please could you tell me what’s your guitar? and strings by the way ? thanks 😉

  7. Ferhat Bati says:

    thanks aaalot buddy,you play the best version of this great tune,god bless you and Elvis.

  8. TiCi Grubert says:

    I’m so glad I clicked on your video and it’s easier than I thought thank you I will be your fan man your so cool and cute ??

  9. janie utley says:

    Awesome and fun lesson thanks

  10. chocolate bleu says:

    Quit trying to be cute and just play the damn song.

  11. Michito youtube says:

    I fell in love

  12. janie utley says:

    Hey how about the solo or instrumental part

  13. kenstogie says:

    nice, you can play it easy for the quick I have to play it or add those nice licks and all 🙂

  14. Gavin Daye says:

    Awesome lesson, thanks

  15. Play Gospel says:

    Very nice Rob, spot on teach!

  16. duffermod1 says:

    Just found you by cheer luck.
    Cheers brother
    Great Tune from the King himself

  17. Sonya Corder says:

    GREAT lesson, Well explained. Thanks

  18. LeRoy Baca says:

    My favorite, need to get your lessons

  19. Gerald Orford says:

    You teach the importance of placing guitar riffs through out the song with a really interesting outro to wrap up the song.

  20. TenThumbs Productions says:

    Dude, at around 4:15 that little acapella that you did sounded like a sample of Elvis’ voice, spot on brother, another great lesson (as always). As a Patreon, I would recommend anyone learning guitar to give this dude a dollar a month, you will learn much faster. Thanks hermano!

  21. Shawn Beaudoin says:

    awesome I like the way you teach the chords cool I love that song my mom loves it to Blue Christmas.

  22. GT Sipe says:

    This is just an outstanding guitar lesson. Great to hear you singing along, which helps me keep the beat.

  23. Anthony Wayne Walker says:

    Nicely done.

  24. Joe Hamilton says:

    Hey I’m also a beginner and you’ve helped me so much. THANKYOU.

  25. Derekmcgrathiow says:

    This is an excellent lesson and easy to follow thank you ,if possible could you do a lesson for Elvis ,one night with you

  26. Tiago A. Vitti says:

    Parabéns pela aula, você ensina muito bem. Congratulations!!!!!

  27. Elias Navarro says:

    Come a little closer from the American tracks from guardians of the galaxy pls

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