Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Easy Chords + Full Arrangement

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Easy Chords + Full Arrangement

Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Easy Chords + Full Arrangement

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35 responses to “Eric Clapton – Wonderful Tonight Acoustic Guitar Lesson Tutorial – Easy Chords + Full Arrangement”

  1. Tommy Handley says:

    Is that a Gibson I see? New purchase?

  2. Malilise221 says:

    Hello 🙂 can you do the tutorial to play Nobody knows by Kevin Sharp?

  3. Mathew mue says:

    epic love your videos man. learned how to play using you and rocksmith thanks

  4. Utkarsh AVF says:

    Your eyes were going so big in the start, like you were looking into my soul or something. You scared the hell out of me.

  5. James Felton says:

    One of your best lessons to date. I think that I am going to enjoy your new “improver” course.

  6. Christopher Holmes says:

    Mahalo Andy!!! This is great, I should be able to surprise my wife at Christmas now! Thanks so much for putting this up!

  7. Malcolm Jay says:

    Great Lesson ??

  8. MuffinProductions says:

    can you please do one on the electric guitar version?

  9. Scott Davies says:

    the link on the website does not work for the TAB 🙁

  10. GD100 says:

    Great lesson. Thanks for posting this one.

  11. Craig Finch says:

    I agree Andy awesome teacher couldn’t play a note two years ago thanks to you any song is now in my grasp American pie last night by your channel big THANKYOU Bruv

  12. KhateyPerry Xx says:

    Thank you so much for this video…
    I subscribe to you thank you again.

  13. Alex Nervo says:

    thanks for this tutorial….that lead line was what i needed to learn !

  14. sam jones says:

    Nice one as always Andy

  15. Doyal Kumar says:

    Thanks pewdiepie. This was amazing.

  16. Van Susre says:

    thank you for this amazing tutorial

  17. Bryan Christopher says:

    u did an amazing job man
    we love u man

  18. konlung mossang says:

    great piece.

  19. castaway says:

    Oh, it’s not Eric Clapton. I thought from the headline and the photo…I’ll leave a thumbs-down.

  20. Erdogan Essat says:

    thanks for the amazing lesson Andy.

  21. Colton Kuykendall says:

    would you recommend substituting the C for a C add 9 or CM7 with 2 fingers? just for people who are beginners who are having difficulty transitioning with traditional C chord.

  22. TANA STAR LORD says:

    display tabs.but nice

  23. simongosimon says:

    Hey man i was wondering if you did any kinda harder courses? your beginner stuff has helped alot but its beginning to get kinda easy, just wondering

  24. Colin Stimson says:

    One of the best keep up with the good work ?

  25. Kevin Delk says:

    great version. some do it fingerstyle and some just strum. I like how you incorporated both

  26. mist n says:

    You’re indeed amazing! love you!

  27. Vikas Sharma says:

    Andy you are simply awesome for beginners. Hats off to your teaching. Keep it up?.

  28. L.E. W. says:

    thought I saw him start off in that lower position then move up. I couldn’t follow exactly what he was doing. Thanks.

  29. Cye nonimus says:

    Dude because of you I learned how to play the guitar ……. Keep doing what you do man thank you???

  30. bpbigman1 says:

    Fantastic! The best tutorial by far!

  31. Henry Bautista says:

    Nice tutoral andy

  32. Raquel Tario says:

    Awesome,Andy can you please make a video tutorial for dance with my father again.thank you

  33. mrtanner87 says:

    Great lesson. Checked out your tab on the web site and it shows a completely different riff, played way down the fret.

  34. Fuck me how about fuck you says:

    spooky eyes are you gonna eat my soul

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