Everlong – Acoustic Guitar Tutorial – Foo Fighters – Free TAB

Everlong – Acoustic Guitar Tutorial – Foo Fighters – Free TAB

Everlong – Acoustic Guitar Tutorial – Foo Fighters – Free TAB
Acoustic guitar tutorial for Everlong by The Foo Fighters. You can get the TAB for free by joining the LGIL Student Area:

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30 responses to “Everlong – Acoustic Guitar Tutorial – Foo Fighters – Free TAB”

  1. Andrea Ginko says:

    non fa cosi’

  2. Rene says:


  3. viherruusu says:

    Thank you so much! I love this song!

  4. David Pennington says:

    At about 7:40 he says “then I’m gonna do 2 more 9 11’s”

    …I shouldn’t have pointed it out butttttt

  5. Michael Caruana says:

    Great Job! thanks for the help!?

  6. Jamie James says:

    so much talking holy shit

  7. a says:

    After much searching, this is hands down the best everlong tutorial available. Matches the original acoustic perfectly.

  8. Silent Shadow says:

    I can understand chord changes easily, but I am so very bad at strumming and making the guitar sound the way I want it to.The palm mute hurts my hand, strumming up in general is impossible for me, and I can’t make the pick or my fingers produce the sounds that they should. I’m in a shitty beginner’s guitar class with a lazy teacher, so perhaps that is why I don’t know the strumming basics.

    …Your version of playing this is far different from the others I’ve seen. I use the tab for “version 3” on the ultimate guitar site. Even though it’s different, however, you’re quite good at explaining things.

  9. thetravelinghermit says:

    7:34 … then I’m going to do two more 9-11’s…


    Nice vid though

  10. Miguel Alvarado says:

    Thanks For This Video!

  11. Double A says:

    It sounds better without the palm muting

  12. josh rendon says:

    when he finished playing i straight up clapped for him i was surprised
    I was like ” okay okay respect

  13. Will Anderson says:

    1:20 oooooogan

  14. Dean Gatenby says:

    oooh gen….

  15. Ben Smith says:

    great guitarist man. but it’ really hard to learn from the angle your guitar is to the camera throughout the video. I find it hard to see the exact positioning of your fingers on the strings. Great content other than that

  16. Ray Woods says:

    Power chords in drop D honestly this song benefits from heavy needs distortion.

  17. Arushan Antony says:

    So many 9/11s

  18. doggycaptain says:

    thanks mate!

  19. Ashwin .B says:

    Great tutorial my friend

  20. CPG4444Chopper says:

    Stick with guitar no singing

  21. Brandon Wheeler says:

    Pretty sure it’s hello FYI

  22. Url Xtl says:

    I cringed when he sang but cool

  23. François davenne says:

    woawww poto

  24. Tayan Sophie says:

    Wow REALLY good!!!!

  25. Silvia Garcia Oria says:

    Brilliant Drue. You helped me play almost like David Ghrol.

  26. Brandon Billow says:

    after a good works of guitar lesson and thiers fucking 9/11 jokes are you serouis… 🙁 so old and not funny. literally have nothing better to say…

  27. Sømeone that is 3mili0 says:

    Good guitarist, not so much for singing.?

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