Beatles ‘Blackbird’ – Complete Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Beatles ‘Blackbird’ – Complete Acoustic Guitar Lesson

Beatles ‘Blackbird’ – Complete Acoustic Guitar Lesson
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Hello and welcome back to Swiftlessons,
In this free video tutorial, Philadelphia guitar instructor Rob Swift breaks down The Beatles classic “Blackbird.” This tune, written by Paul McCartney, was originally featured on the bands 1968 double LP The White Album (available on vinyl:

There are only four unique movements that reoccur throughout this composition. The number of chords may seem overwhelming, but each is a simplified version of chords you may already know. At no point will you need more than two fingers on the fretboard. Chords and tabs are available at Let’s get started!

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20 responses to “Beatles ‘Blackbird’ – Complete Acoustic Guitar Lesson”

  1. will crockett says:

    So it goes Intro, verse, turn around A, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, turn around B, intro?

  2. Gemma Mouse mouse says:

    great tutorial. I learnt to play this without the lyrics, but always struggled to add the vocals. You’ve broken it down so beautifully , thank you so much for posting this

  3. Spelltotem says:

    So Handsome

  4. Jude Connelly says:

    Can’t knock this, but, splitting hairs, doesn’t McCartney go to the D bass on the turnaround “moment to arise”? Nice, clear, lesson though.

  5. Nolan Hennin says:

    Thanks dude, your lessons are the easiest to pick up.

  6. Carsick Mick says:

    Excellent tutorial! Many Thanks

  7. Paulo Tuble says:

    I learned how play Black Bird when I was in the 9th grade. My favorite picking song.

  8. sriman karan says:

    sir please a tutorial on nick drake cello

  9. gandhi arc says:

    thanks sir, subscribe already

  10. VuTube says:

    Looks like Benedict Cumberbatch

  11. Friksie Fiks says:

    Hi Rob!  amazing lessons mate! I have one request .. could you do “don’t let me down” from The Beatles (John Lennon) ? which he wrote for Joko.   keep up the good work!

  12. Paul Thornton says:

    Brilliant…..I have tried all the YouTube blackbird tuition videos and yours is the only that completes it properly.

  13. Mark says:

    Thanks, Swift! Love your lessons man.

  14. Owen Wilson’s Nose says:

    Who nose

  15. jmmacb03 says:

    I wish I had fingers that long…

  16. Chris Jordan says:

    very clear instructions, best “Blackbird” lesson so far. looking forward to reward your free lesson with a vid from me playing it after your instructions. THANKS Rob!

  17. Ada Cabrera says:

    What a beautiful voice, I’d spend all day listening!

  18. skwm says:

    Great lesson, thank you! This is a great step up for me after working through your Homeward Bound and The Boxer lessons. Thanks!

  19. Penny Williams says:

    I have good reason to pick you !

  20. Penny Williams says:

    Thank you so much !

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