How To Play Rotterdam By The Beautiful South (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-112)

How To Play Rotterdam By The Beautiful South (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-112)

How To Play Rotterdam By The Beautiful South (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-112)
Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Rotterdam-The Beautiful South
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’re going to check out how to play Rotterdam by The Beautiful South, and very groovy fingerstyle riff and some fun 2:4 bars.

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20 responses to “How To Play Rotterdam By The Beautiful South (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-112)”

  1. TDRScooters says:

    Getting there πŸ™‚ With practise.
    The last little riff Go, G3bend, Bo,B3,E3 I think sounds better if you just flick the last two strings together, mini strum πŸ™‚

  2. Sub Prime says:

    Have you been having singing lessons? You’re making me think I could learn myself. Huge improvement!

  3. thisismusic says:

    i don’t think he’s looking for your approval of his singing. he is a guitar teacher, a good one at that.

  4. Sub Prime says:

    @ThisIsMusic1985 – well aware thanks. Few have taught me more about playing guitar and I wouldn’t care if he spoke the words. It was merely a deserved compliment. Compare his voice on earlier vids.

  5. Gerhard Leitner says:

    the first film editing i’ve seen in a justin video!

  6. kevin byrne says:


  7. Eric Hollen says:

    I hate to say I’ve never heard this song… well I know what ill be doing today. haha listening and learning this song!

  8. tibitiburon says:

    Fantastic lesson of a
    fantastic song packed in a
    fun and very
    funny video.

  9. Richard Studzinski says:

    Great lesson Justin, Thank You, I don’t think I would of picked the Guitar up again after some 15 years if I hadn’t seen your clips, so fingers are sore but I am practicing again Thank You Β πŸ™‚ ps ordered your music book as well. Β 

  10. swordkorn says:

    HAHAHAHA!!! 1:57 Justin accidentally flips off the internet!

  11. mark taylor says:

    hi justin new guitarist (ish)5 years trying to learn this song. did you mention a d7 in this song? if so where, cos your not doing the normal d7 that everyone does. thanks, and great lessons, me favourite tutor on utube

  12. Ventris Arden says:

    Yes, well, I’m ancient and could soon be in that urn on the mantelpiece but Justin is so encouraging and makes me feel I CAN DO THAT TOO.Β  Course I can’t but it’s a great feeling and he is one good teacher.

  13. ashleighuk84 says:

    Great tutorial, thanks!

  14. thisismusic says:

    Pause on 1:57

  15. Mike Bos says:

    i have to learn this.. because i live in rotterdam holland hahahah

  16. Chris Marlow says:

    I do like the slight stutter at the middle finger part, oops!

  17. Aparajitaa Rao-Counter says:

    Hi Justin – love your tutorials and have a request one; do you think you could do Rainy Day by America?


  18. Andy B says:

    This is such a treat thank you so much for sharing…

  19. Hell Yeah! says:

    I wondered why I was struggling with the intro, I was sliding from Fret 1/2 on the 2nd/3rd string to 5th frets. I will be practicing this later.

  20. Inspector Gibbons says:

    Thanks. How did Gallagher get away with Half The World Away?

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