Learn Stone Temple Pilots Creep Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Strum Patterns Chords Tabs

Learn Stone Temple Pilots Creep Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Strum Patterns Chords Tabs

Learn Stone Temple Pilots Creep Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Strum Patterns Chords Tabs
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Learn Stone Temple Pilots Creep easy acoustic guitar lesson with strum patterns chords tabs

40 responses to “Learn Stone Temple Pilots Creep Easy Acoustic Guitar Lesson With Strum Patterns Chords Tabs”

  1. Denise Rodriguez says:

    It’s a good video but I feel that you break it down so much that it really gets confusing

  2. Paul Peterson says:

    nice and clear…thanks !

  3. facepunch5000 says:

    I’m a drummer but I have been trying, for the last few months, to pick up acoustic guitar. I think that whether you’re a musician or you just picked up a guitar for the first time, this is absolutely spot on.. well done

  4. Ryan Haydon says:

    Thanks for another great lesson! I was using a different one for this song, and the chorus lick was harder to play than your version and it sounds right on to me!

  5. Mel says:

    Your videos are very helpful for a beginner like me! Only one suggestion – it’s very helpful to have the song played though in its entirety with the chords identified. That way I can learn/practice the speed of the chord progression as one fluid song as you play instead of piece by piece. Thanks!

  6. bryan garcia says:

    thanks for the video. i want to learn this song for scott. may he rest in peace he will be sorely missed

  7. John Robinson says:

    Awesome lesson.. Thanks having fun is the key.. Peace JR..

  8. Máximo Martínez says:

    Great lesson. Your lessons serve me to improve my way of playing the guitar and to improve my English. Thank you so much from Spain.

  9. Aussie Anarchist says:

    Very helpful mate. Thanks for walking us through the song.

  10. Kamal Kunjapur says:

    This was just amazing!! Scott, I ll keep playing your songs and pass them to my next generations in future. I hope you RIP!!

    David, thank you so much for your lesson!!

  11. Cris Muzzarelli says:

    I thought you did a Great job-think Scott would have liked it,too!

  12. rjbizzle1984 says:

    this is one of the easier stp songs on guitar, dean deleo’s song’s aren’t nearly as easy to play as most of the other 90s alternative rock stuff. he uses a lot of uncommon chords usually. great band. RIP Scott weiland, u were truly one of the very best vocalists i’ve ever heard, so versatile and talented…..

  13. dieter schanzer says:

    that guitar sounds wonderful

  14. Justin Crotty says:

    Thanks for spending time on the strum patterns. So often the strum patterns are overlooked – those of us who are beginners have the hardest time with strum patterns. Chord progressions are easier to pick up – strum patterns are tough. This lesson really helped with the strum patterns – thanks for actually writing those out on the screen.

  15. logan inman says:

    So fuckin alike, shit!!! So well done.

  16. leosaber santos says:

    Aula muito boa! Espetacular didática!

  17. Tony James says:

    hell yeah great job man

  18. Wesley says:

    do u have tabs ?????

  19. Matthew Lebish says:

    This was very, very helpful! Can you do more STP?

  20. Matthew Lebish says:

    Can you do wicked garden and sex type thing

  21. Cris Bogarin says:

    Sweet lesson! Thanks for breaking down the strumming pattern!!!!!! FYI I love how you yell AGAIN! lol Thanks!

  22. remimomo says:

    just an awesome tutorial for one of my fav stp songs.. thanks a lot man!!

  23. chris van allsburg says:

    guitar teachers and also mountain bikers are some of the nicest people around. so chill, so helpful. thanks David Taub.

  24. Edward Kvande says:

    Great Vid!

  25. AK FOX says:

    Thanks again as always David. As always you’ve been a great help in learning a new song. You and couple of other teachers on here, have quickly taken me from a beginner to a pretty damn good intermediate player out doing open mikes. Rock on!

  26. altay turan says:

    thank you very much!

  27. Nick Saggio says:

    wish you would play more and talk less

  28. Rhayna batalan says:

    Thank you for the Free Lesson. ???? I love it.

  29. Matthew Elkins says:

    Rip Chris

  30. Allexis Berry says:

    easy to follow. thanks!

  31. Killer Dura says:

    rip scott weiland…………

  32. Ebmoluoc’s Game Room says:

    The strum patterns aren’t hard for me, what’s hard is the rhythm of the patterns if that makes sense to anyone

  33. Shteviz Hippogriff says:

    im not used to making a b I never use that cord my self.

  34. Andy Sully says:

    Thx for this. I disagree with the thumbs down ppl

  35. Kid Poker says:

    strumming with feel is always better regardless of skill level

  36. Jeff Hermann says:

    Easy to follow. Thank you kindly.

  37. John Smith says:

    Very insightful thanks very much

  38. Joseph Porter says:

    Ur real good

  39. -NBS- says:

    Yeahhhh !!! such a nice way to explain how it works !! Thanks Dude

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