Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away – Guitar Lesson – Part1 Acoustic Guitar

Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away – Guitar Lesson – Part1 Acoustic Guitar

Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away – Guitar Lesson – Part1 Acoustic Guitar
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35 responses to “Led Zeppelin – Over The Hills And Far Away – Guitar Lesson – Part1 Acoustic Guitar”

  1. Michael Carter says:

    Love the widdlie widdlies

  2. goodgollywolly says:

    Awesome stuff, thanks heaps Marty, you are hands down the best at making these tutorials! Cheers from Leonie in New Zealand 🙂

  3. Daniel Offield says:

    What kind of guitar is that? It has a very good sound to it.

  4. julia cesario says:

    please make a tutorial on Lola by the kinks :)))))

  5. Eva Bronkhorst says:

    1:40 This gets me everytimeee hahhaha

  6. Connor Plumb says:

    Love the video, super helpful and easy to understand. However, is the second half coming soon??? Can’t wait to flip the switch on this one!!!

  7. Dakota Zufelt says:

    I need part 2 man.

  8. Eric Clapton says:

    Ur awesome Marty. I’ve learned so much watching ur videos. I understand ur style of explanation so easily. Thank u!

  9. Neil Martin says:

    Good lesson but I believe the part near the end of the lesson where it goes into the rock portion goes G D D A not D A A G.

  10. Hoodrio says:

    Coming out of the 7th – 9th fret D shape licks, the progression is G – D, D – A. Marty has it wrong.

  11. Ricardo R. Pereira says:

    And there comes Marty to save the day… AGAIN! Always wanted to play this tune, thought it was way more difficult than this. TY, man!

  12. Jimmy Paige 2001 says:

    I’m sorry but it’s funny when you say the licks between the G chords

  13. Todd Leslie says:

    Thanks Marty!

  14. Karl Engstrom says:

    Great lesson, Marty! But I have to disagree with the B flat to to C as a dominant 7 which rings more than the minor diminished as it sounds on the vinyl. Ring & pinky on the 3rd & 5th instead of the 4th & 5th. Just MHO…

  15. Rob K says:

    Wow. I haven’t watched one your videos for a while. Marty, you’re a great teacher. Thanks so much. The Taylor sounds great too!

  16. gianluca albanese says:

    Stebblblbll lublelblblbl geeee Lblblblblstblblb deee

  17. john says:

    In the second lick, where it goes pull off from 4 to 2 then pull of from 2 to 0 I usually just slide from 4 to 2 and pull of to 0. Makes it a bit easier to play up to speed for me.

  18. Ronnie Rose says:

    Marty you’re the best!

  19. Ken T says:

    Marty I can’t tell you how much I’ve learned from your vids, I cant read a note of music I first picked up a guitar until abt a year ago never took a lesson can’t read tabs, now Iam Playing led zep, and pink Floyd because of your teaching. Your awesome
    Thanks brother.!!!

  20. Bivek Pradhan says:

    Thank you????

  21. Avery Price says:

    Sounds so freaking good on that Taylor

  22. Choco Late says:

    Marty this song seemed so complicated and so out of my reach but you made it very easy to learn, so thank you! Part two?

  23. Dan Dorshimer says:

    Thank you sir. New subscriber here the past month. Appreciate it.

  24. Brandon Rhodes says:

    Im having problems with my accuracy on my index finger. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

  25. Matthew Psyllos says:

    Thanks for the lesson, Marty! Really love learning to play this song. For anyone interested, part 2 can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWGDWeJuaQU

  26. charles schwartz says:

    Thanks Marty. Love it!! You’ll make a guitarist out of me yet ?

  27. Timothy O'Neil says:

    Thanks for teaching me this song.  How do I get your ebook again?  Thanks

  28. Types Army says:

    The second half is on Marty music

  29. Types Army says:

    “Let’s go slow then we gots to go” ?

  30. jack bhandari says:


  31. rod smolter says:

    Amazingly awesome and amazingly difficult(for me). Playing for 3 years now but moving up the ladder to harder songs is still a slow process. I’ll get it though. Give me a year. lol

  32. Daniel Jenn says:

    +Marty Music. Lol, I like how you added “Part 1 is gonna get ya started” & boy oh boy, this video will really keep me busy. I really love the guitar’s on this song. Plus, with Jimmy Page playing both 6 & 12 string acoustics, then adding an electric guitar, I get myself messed up because I’m listening to the song in my head while I try to play it so it drives me crazy. Let lone that I’m more of a rhythm guitarist & not a lead. But no excuses I guess. If I want to play what I like, I need to throw that out the window, or just look for a 4 or 8 track recorder so I can play all three guitars. But back to the song, I am so glad that you have almost 20 minutes of playing the intro & beginning of the song. Some people on YouTube try to cut it down too much which doesn’t help me one bid. At any rate Marty, as always, a big Thank You for putting this video up here on YouTube…..

  33. Scott Sosne says:

    Kashmir plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Cole Morgan says:

    I’ve always loved your lessons. You’re the best guitar teacher on YouTube. But I love you so much more after seeing the look of absolute joy on your face while playing the intro. You rock Marty!!! Long Live Led Zeppelin!

  35. Isay Hi says:

    Led Zeppelin sucks

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