Why You Should Learn To Play The Guitar

Why You Should Learn How To Play The Guitar Online

When I started playing guitar, social media wasn’t huge. There weren’t very many people online playing, sharing videos, or taking lessons online. At the time, I immediately jumped into playing and put up a personal page. I should have done that even earlier, and built out a music lessons website.

Through early social media, I tried to form a band – something that I thought would be easy to do. School was starting, and this kid I had just met had started playing guitar and learning online, so we connected to jam. So I invited him to come with me. We recorded some stuff straight away on the computer, making some funky videos, and having fun. From there, we continued playing, jamming, recording, and eventually teaching people how to play guitar online.

As my band grew, I couldn’t play as often as I wanted, so I needed to get money some other way. I kept recording videos and trying to teach online, and eventually, the lessons grew, and so did my students. I became a great online guitar teacher that held his students to a higher standard. I kept teaching online, but also needed some more advanced lessons for myself.

Back to the guitar lessons. I started getting requests from followers on Youtube to become a YouTube Rockstar, and I really thought about it. I decided to continue teaching becuase I love it. But what I found out was that when you learn the guitar, you’ll play more, because it’s fun and interesting to learn new techniques, scales, bars, and cords.

So when you learn something along your path to becoming a great musician, you’ll not only pay more for it, but it’s going to be a better experience. I just started playing again a few months back after some time off. I had to reset and figure some things out. If you don’t want to learn how to play the guitar yourself, you need to get some lessons or find a guitar lesson book that will teach you the basics. Look over individual books, and list the lessons on certain products. You might be better off with something like an E-Book. You don’t want to learn it from one person only.

The truth is that you can’t be perfect, but you must be able to play what you learn correctly. Remember that it doesn’t matter how good your first few notes are performed, it’s later in this learning process that needs to be polished or you won’t get paid playing.

It’s better to take lessons and learn how to play the guitar in the real world, but once you have the hang of it you have to be able to follow along with your friend or someone else’s advice. Or better yet, just get a book and start playing the guitar right now!

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