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Guitar Chords For The Absolute Beginner – Video Tutorial

Downloadable PDF of Guitar Chords for Beginners: beginner-guitar-chords

Guitar Chords For Beginners – Tips And Tricks

Looking for Guitar Chords For Beginners? Well, here’s a start. It’s 8 chords you must know. Watch the vid, get your act right and the rest will follow. We will be doing a separate video series on guitar chords for beginners. But for now, enjoy this one son!

You see, chords are building blocks, they are the foundation of your song work. They gonna give you the harmony, they gonna give you the base (not frequency) of your song. When you strum your chords in a rhythmic pattern you’re building your rhythm, and that is often times how songs are made. Try it, learn four chords and strum them in a simple rhythmic pattern and see what you come up with.

8 guitar chords for beginners (at least 8 basic guitar chords) everyone should learn are: C – A – G – E – D – Am – Em – Dm. The first 5 open major chords in this progression spell the word CAGED. It’s sort of like the “Every Apple” bit I talked about in one of the other vids. It helps us remember through word association.

Strumming the hell out of these chords alone will give you an endless amount of songs to play. There are a butt ton of songs that use this chord progression: G – D – Em – C (this is also called the I – V – vi – IV progression).

There are songs like “You’re beautiful” by James (blaze a) Blunt, “With or without you” by U2 and “She will be loved” by Maroon 5 (that dude from the voice’s band) that can be played with these 4 chords alone. Not all of these songs are originally in the key of G but you could easily fix that by using a capo and play it in the appropriate key.

Here are some solid tips and suggestions to help you beginners learn and master your guitar chords. Also provided is a basic chord chart I snagged from my stock image library. Give it a look and have fun.


guitar chords

The numbers shown on the diagrams above indicate the finger positioning:
1 = index finger, 2 = middle finger, 3 = ring finger, 4 = pinky

I suggest that you find a song that you like, one that you could hum along within your sleep. Then start with some simple three-chord progressions, to begin with. Find something simple, find something that is basic enough for you to rock, but that you like enough that you will put in the time to learn it in and out. After you have mastered that, you can venture into some of the more complex progressions that may include additional chords & licks.

Remember, this is guitar chords for beginners, on a site called acoustic guitar lessons for beginners. So take it for what it’s worth and act like a beginner. There is no rush here, but that doesn’t mean you can slack off on your practices. Mother natures bitch’n, father time has got your number son…. don’t put it off, one life, one practice, get it done!

That moment of Zen being said, here are some pointers to focus on when practicing chords:

• Press the strings firmly with the tips of your fingers….. the tips!!
• Bend your knuckles, knucklehead!!
• Make sure you are pressing the strings firm enough, or your notes/chords will sound like dog shit.
• Be sure your fingers are as close to the fret as possible, but not on the frets!
• It’s easy to touch other strings while attempting to play a chord… get good at not doing that!
• Use your thumb to gain leverage on the back of the neck so you can play your chords right.
• If a chord is sounding like crap, check each string to make sure everything is in tune.
• Learn to smoothly transition between chords, this is important…. start slow, then increase your pace.
• Start off by practicing three chords songs (G – C – D). When your progression is smooth, witch to four.
• Practice daily, your scales, your notes, your guitar chords for beginners, your progressions… everything!! Practice, practice, practice!!

Be a Rock SDARR with your practices, be a Rock SDARR at life. The difference between you and the other guy is that extra hour of practice, paying attention to the details, listening to those around you who may know more…. life is short, rock it for what it’s worth!!

Ok, so this was some more beginner stuff mixed with some BS, hopefully, the video helped, and hopefully, I inspired you to learn guitar chords for beginners. For advanced training, you can google the shit out of the phrase “guitar chords for beginners”. There is more content out there than you can consume. Unless you have no life, then you can probably find the time to consume most of it. But that’s not you ….. is it!! No, you are the next guitar chord master, and we salute you for your efforts here. Keep us posted along your journey, we want to sip booze to your tunes you baboon!

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