Guitar Finger Exercises


Finger Strengthening Exercises For Beginner Musicians


Watch the video above, once you have burned out the digits with this vid you can try some other online finger techniques.

When you’re doing these runs, or “guitar finger exercises” make sure you follow some of these simple guidelines.

Downloadable PDF Document of Finger Techniques: guitar-finger-technique

If you want to stretch your fingers prior to playing, here are some literal finger exercises. 

Finger Strengthening• Hold your fingers down firmly on the fretboard. When you’re running the neck, make sure you apply plenty of pressure to the fretboard so that the note plays properly. Also, try holding down the strings and letting the notes resonate a little longer. This will work your hand muscles, making your fingers stronger, giving you longer play time and a cleaner sound.

• Make sure you are pressing the strings with your fingertips, don’t let your fingers sit flat on the neck. Keep your fingers slightly rounded and make sure you’re holding down the strings with the tips of your fingers. Think of it like you are tip-toeing along the neck and your fingers are legs/feet. This should help you develop correct technique and it will also toughen up the tips of your fingers, leaving you with rock star calluses. Those calluses are what’s going to allow you to shred, pick, strum, and hammer the shit out of those acoustic guitar strings.

• Chances are in the beginning this is going to be rough! Fingers are going to blister, you won’t be able to stretch your hand the distance of the fretboard, your finger strength won’t allow you to hold down the strings as a chord…. you will experience all sorts of growing pains. For now, just go with it, don’t worry about touching other strings, or screwing up. Just get those fingers stretched, callused, and strengthened.

• How long should you do guitar finger exercises? Well, this common question can be argued. My suggestion is that if you want to advance as fast as you can then you put in the time! Ten, twenty minutes a day isn’t absurd. If you are a casual strummer and are just doing this for fun then five minutes a day could suffice.

• Pay attention to your posture and hand position! If you are tweaking your hands and wrist into some exorcist style possessed positions, then try to re-adjust and relax. As odd as it may feel at times, all these exercises can be completed comfortably when positioned correctly. Part of these exercises is for you to learn how to use your body, and those extensions of your body called arms and hands, comfortably so you can rock this guitar neck efficiently and with confidence. Chicks dig efficiency and confidence, so take time and reap the rewards!! Sorry ladies, if you are reading this then that last line doesn’t apply to you.. unless that’s your deal then cool. Otherwise, guys dig the confidence thing also girls… so keep practicing!

Ok, so this is some beginner stuff, and beginner lessons hopefully, the video helped, and hopefully, my tips touched on the basics of how to improve your guitar playing with guitar finger exercises. For advanced training you can google the shit out of it and find more information then you could ever retain (at least that’s my experience).

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