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Looking for an online guitar tuner? Here is a simple solution for you beginner musicians looking to get that six string guitar in tune. There are so many tuning options and variations that it can be confusing at first for a beginner guitarist. First I would recommend starting with a standard tune (EADGBE) to get you started. Unless you are trying to learn a specific song, or are going for a specific sound then standard tuning is the route to go. You will find that there are a massive amount of online resources available to help you get tuned and jamming. We will be adding a page and a massive amount of guitar tuning content here that should just about cover all the basics of guitar tuning and then some. You can also accomplish some tuning variations without using the tuning keys. You can try using a guitar capo and accomplish some similar results without taking your guitar out of standard tune.

There are some online guitar tuners that can be downloaded to your mobile device as an app also. This can be convenient if you are on stage or jamming at a friends place and you don’t have access to a laptop or PC. Keeping your guitar tuned is a must, and if you jam hard… that tuning can┬ádrop naturally over time from strumming your strings. That being said, it’s a good idea to check the tune on your guitar before practicing or jamming.


Tune Your Guitar – Standard Tuning – PDF Guide To Tuning Guitar