How To Play Blues Guitar




blues guitar lessonsSo you wanna learn the blues huh? The video above is an INTRODUCTION to blues guitar. These videos are designed to give you some fundamentals, they are not the end all of blues guitar training.

If you are not familiar with the Blues from a musical perspective, I suggest you Google the “12 bar blues”. This is probably the most common chord progression, and I believe it would be safe to say that it has been the starting point for all great blues guitarists.

I’m not a blues guitarist, but I know how to play blues guitar in it’s most basic form. First I think there are a few obvious things you have to have. One, the fucking blues! Two, a guitar! If you have these two things then you are halfway there.

Here is a gem for you. The 12 bar blues are typically made up of the 1, 4, and 5th note/chord of a key. Not sure what that means? Learn a basic scale… say A Maj for conversation’s sake. Now play the 1st note, the 4th note, and the 5th note. Those would be the notes or chords you would play in a 12 bar blues progression. If you play each of those 3 notes for 4 measures, you get 12 measures of music. And there you have the 12 bar blues.

Something else that’s a factor here that can’t really be taught is the soul behind your performance. Some people have it and some don’t. I never did… I was always a technician more than a musician. I’ve seen dudes pick up a 6 string and after a week sound amazing. They loved it, they had the blues, they were driven, they were inspired, they weren’t playing guitar hero… they are guitar heroes! 

Your turn to learn how to play blues guitar. Don’t be a wannabe, be a gonna-be! Sit down, turn off your cell phone, put the spank mag away, and focus an hour a day at least on learning how to play blues guitar. It’s one of those things that after learning it, you will possess this skill set for life and be thankful you did.

Ok, so this was some more beginner stuff mixed with some BS, hopefully, the video helped, and hopefully, I inspired you to learn how to play the blues guitar. For advanced training, you can google the shit out of the Blues. There is more content out there than you can consume. Unless you have no life, then you can probably find the time to consume most of it. But that’s not you ….. is it!! No, you are the next Blues Bad Ass, and we salute you for your efforts here. Keep us posted along with your journey, we want to sip booze to your blues tunes you baboon!

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