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Chet Atkins Windy and Warm Tablature

Windy And Warm Live By Chet Atkins

Downloadable PDF of Windy and Warm Guitar Tab:  windy-and-warm-guitar-tablature


Down Home is a recording by American guitarist Chet Atkins.
After releasing the smooth pop and easy listening albums Chet Atkins’ Workshop and The Most Popular Guitar, Chet returned to his roots with Down Home. The album peaked at No. 31 and returned Atkins to the Top 40. It includes two of Chet’s signature tunes, “Windy and Warm” and “Trambone”.

windy and warmWriting for Allmusic, critic William Ruhlman wrote of the album “The contrast from his previous secular release couldn’t have been more dramatic… Down Home outpolled The Most Popular Guitar by 88 places in the Billboard LP charts, returning him to the Top 40, which seemed to indicate that when you let Atkins do what he liked, his fans probably would like it too.”

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